Friday 25 October 2013

Kitten Update & Availability

All of Anuta's cute babies have now been reserved. I will be updating the blog over the weekend with photos of any kittens we have available.

We also have kittens due the end of November. We are expecting Brown Tabbies with and without white. These could be the last Alexandrite Siberians. We are contemplating at the moment if it is time for a quieter life. We will know for definite in the next week or two. If they are our last kittens we will have a number of beautiful retired Siberians looking for homes. Please email and write Kitten or Retired in the subject line so that it is easier for us to contact you.

Monday 7 October 2013

What's Wrong With Boys?!

Recently we have had a lot of enquiries for girls. Currently we don't have any girls available. This year we have had lots of boys. We do put requests in with the girls but clearly they aren't listening.

I'm not really sure why everyone wants girls and not boys. We love them both, well we do breed them. Some enquiries are asking for girls because they think they are more loving than boys. Not sure where that comes from but that definitely isn't our experience of the breed.

The actual standard is written with boys in mind and they really are fluffy big teddy bears when they mature. Yes we have in the past had above average size girls but generally the boys do turn out bigger than the girls.

What I don't really understand is one of the reasons we picked Sibs was because we loved that big boy size because that's one of the main features of the breed. Yes both girls and boys alike have very loveable temperaments but if you love the look of a big powerful cat then you should pick a Siberian boy.

I have included in the post photos from the families of two loveable boys Maxie and Lennox. Maxie at 10 months still thinks he can fit in his tiny crows nest on his cat tree. While Lennox is on his mums knee which is one of his favourite pastimes, the other is cuddles. Sarah has contacted us again about another kitten as this is what she said about Lennox "You produce such gorgeous, lovable, warming, friendly cats - lennox is just adorable and there is never a dull moment!"

So if you think you would like to share your home with a teddy bear like Maxie or Lennox please email

I will be posting this week about how well the Regional Show went and what an amazing experience it was. Everything is a bit delayed at the moment due to a run of bad health for me and I apologise if you have emailed and I haven't replied yet. Hopefully the next week or two will be better for me. Please don't think I'm looking for the sympathy vote I'm just explaining my delays in replying.