Thursday 2 November 2017

Retired Siberian - Little Grumps

UPDATED 7th January 2018 Little Grumps has now found a lovely new home.

We have a handsome retired Siberian available he is a Black Smoke called Little Grumps after his Uncle Grumpy. He is 5 years old and nothing like his name. He is a very sweet boy. Grumps has been neutered and micro-chipped. 

Please contact us for more information, we don't think he would be suitable for anyone with allergies. Also he would be better with a home without other pets. 

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Siberian Kittens

ALL KITTENS RESERVED Just a quick post to say we do have kittens available and ready to go to new homes beginning of September. They are all adorable and only Colour Points like Akiro and Kimball. Mixture of boys and girls. 

Please email for more details. Due to Jo's poor health we cannot offer allergy sittings or for kittens to go to allergy sufferers homes. We appreciate your understanding. 

Thursday 13 July 2017

Kitten News and Siberian Adult Available - Jenna

Quick update we do have kittens available and they will be ready to go to new homes around 12th August. There is a mixture of Seal Tortie Colour Point girls, Seal and Cream Tabby Colour Point boys. The mum is Marlow and she had some lovely kittens in her last litter.

Here's a photo of the 2 Cream boys, Marlow did it again they are like peas in a pod!!

We also have available a beautiful Seal Tabby Colour Point girl called Jenna. Jenna is 5 years old and if a little bit shy at first she does love to give you a wash! Jenna would be more suited to a home without young children due to her quiet nature. She would be ideal for a couple who don't want the kitten stage. Jenna is not available to a home with allergies as it wouldn't be fair on her to become settled and then need to be returned. 

Please email for details about the kittens or Jenna. We are sorry if we haven't yet replied to emails or returned calls I've not been that well and Andy has been really busy with work so it's been too late in an evening for him to return calls. We plan to catch up over the weekend

ALLERGY ENQUIRIES: We can no longer offer allergy checks or let kittens go to homes where there are any allergy issues. 

Some photos of beautiful Jenna.

Wednesday 12 April 2017

Anuta's Kittens and Bramble Update

Thank you to everyone who contacted us about Anuta's beautiful kittens. They have all now been reserved and will be off to their new homes end of April where they will start their next big adventure. 

Anuta will also be going with one of her kittens but we will update the blog if any plans change. 

Bramble has found a lovely new home too and it has felt strange the last few days without her. 

We hope to next have kittens May time and we will update the blog once we have more details. 

Anuta Kitten Treacle

This is Treacle, a Brown Spotted Tabby and very like her sister Toffee. She is very sweet and playful. 

Anuta Kitten Toffee

This is Toffee. She is a Brown Spotted Tabby and very similar to her sister Treacle. They are hard to tell apart as they are sweet and play just the same. 

Anuta Kitten Dash

This is Dash. He is a Brown Spotted Tabby and he reminds us of Kimball as a kitten. He likes to amuse himself but he also plays with his sisters. 

Anuta Kitten Bumble

This is Bumble. She is a Brown Spotted Tabby and such a sweetie. Bumble is the smallest in the litter but now catching up. She loves to play. 

Anuta Kitten Misty

This is Misty, a Silver Spotted Tabby And she is very like her mum Anuta. Just as cute too. She loves playing and doesn't stop. 

Kittens and a Young Adult Bramble

UPDATED 12th April 2017 - All kittens and Bramble have now been reserved. Thank you for contacting us about them. 

We have available 5 beautiful kittens from Anuta and Paavo. They are all very sweet and playful. Photos were taken at 4-5 weeks old. They are now exploring outside their kitten room and nothing seems to bother them. Anuta is doing another fabulous job. The kittens are very similar in colours and temperament so it is hard telling them apart from each other. 

The kittens will be ready to go to new homes end of April beginning of May. We will know after first vaccination is done. Kittens are vaccinated, micro-chipped, wormed, TICA registered and go with 4 weeks insurance and kitten goodies. Email for details or call 01270569358, no calls after 9pm please. 

We cannot offer allergy checks and therefore are not prepared for kittens to go to homes where anyone suffers with allergies or asthma. There is no guarantee and we can't take the risk it is too upsetting for everyone and the kitten. 

This is probably Anuta's last litter so please contact us if you would consider a retired girl. She is just 5 years old and a total sweetheart. She will be ready to go after kittens and being spayed. 

Bramble Gingerbread - available young adult
We also have available Bramble, a beautiful Brown Spotted Tabby. She is 7-8 months old and has been spayed. Unfortunately Bramble is looking for a new home due to allergies and it is heart breaking for her previous family to have to let her go. She is very loving and inquisitive. 

Bramble is looking for a home where there aren't any allergies. Bramble already has toys, bed, cat tree, tray, bowls and carrier. She was truly loved and spoilt at her previous home. We are so sad for her and just want to find her another loving home. 

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Alexandrite Kitten Update - Blog Glitch

It looks like when I updated the blog recently Blogger decided to send out a random old blog post. This has happened previously but I was hoping it was a one off glitch, clearly it isn't. Sorry if it caused any confusion as it said we had kittens available and we won't now have kittens until end of April/May time. I will update the blog when we have more news.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

Alexandrite Siberian Kittens

UPDATED 13th February 2017 - All of Mariko's cute kittens have now been reserved, thank you to all families who contacted us about them. We now won't have kittens until April/May time. 

Last November Mariko had her first litter with Little Grumps, it was a special day as the kittens were born on my late Grandad's birthday. Mariko has done really well as a first time mum. The kittens are friendly and playful and we love seeing Mariko join in with the fun. Little Grumps is having some super kittens with our girls. 

The kittens are now 11 weeks and will be ready to go to their new homes after their second vaccination and micro-chipping. Kittens are also wormed, TICA registered and go with 4 weeks Petplan insurance. They will be available the weekend 18-19 February.

Please email for more details or call 01270569358, no calls after 9pm please. If no one answers please leave a message and we can call you back. 

We will collate any enquiries and if you have contacted us recently we will work through the enquiries chronologically from your first enquiry date. 

ALLERGIES At the moment due to my own health problems we cannot offer allergy checks or visits. Please no more allergy enquiries at this time. Thank you. 

Our experience is even if you have been around other Siberians this does not mean you will be ok with all Siberians. Plus spending a couple of hours or an afternoon with a Siberian is not always a guarantee you can live with one. We've had successful visits in the past for an issue to arise after a week or two of living with the kitten. We also do not advertise our kittens as hypo-allergenic as this cannot be scientifically proven and everyone reacts differently and to different kittens.

Friday 20 January 2017

Sisters Lollie and Akira Siberian Kittens

UPDATE 7th February both Lollie and Akira are settling in their new home together. We miss them both, but it looks like they are having lots of fun already. We will be updating the blog soon with news and availability of Mariko and Little Grumps kittens. 

ALLERGIES. At the moment due to my own health problems we cannot offer allergy checks/visits. Please no further allergy enquiries. We also don't feel it would be fair on Lollie and Akira to settle in a new home to then have to leave that home due to allergies or asthma. 

We have available 2 beautiful sisters Lollie and Akira. Both girls need to go together and to an INDOOR home only. Lollie is a gorgeous Seal Tabby Lynx Point and Akira is a Seal Tabby Lynx Point with White. Both are very playful and loving and want to be with you. They follow us around the house, especially Andy as he sorts out supper. Akira is a little less confident but Lollie makes up for this. 

The parents are Lorelei, who has already had some beautiful kittens and first time dad Lewis, younger brother to Lifetime Achievement Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro. 

IMPORTANT. Lollie has a small disability where she holds her head on one side. This happened at a young age and we've discussed it with the vet and he checked her thoroughly giving her a clean bill of health. She plays and runs around just like her sister but some tasks take a bit longer to master, initially the stairs and cat tree. She has now mastered these and we feel her sister has helped her as she watches her. Similar to Lollie helping Akira be more confident. 

Both girls will ready to go to their new home beginning of February, after vaccinations and micro-chipping. Due to Lollie's situation we are offering a discount for both kittens, please email or call 01270569358 for details, please no calls after 9pm. 

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Available Siberian Kitten

UPDATE 15th January 2017 Wolfy has now gone to her new home. We hope to have news on our next kittens soon. 

We have available a beautiful Seal Lynx Tabby Point female called Wolfy. She is ready to go to her new home. She has been vaccinated and micro-chipped. Wolfy is very playful and loves to be carried around. 

If you would like more information and photos please email or call 01270569358, evening time not after 9pm. If you do call in the day please leave a message and we will call back.

We are not sure if Wolfy is suitable for allergy and asthma sufferers. We also share our home with Nog and Pepper, both American Curls which can cause a reaction.