Sunday 31 October 2010

Anyanka's Kittens

Andy took some videos of Anyanka's little ones yesterday. They are whizzing around now and growing too fast! I am still thinking of names for the little ones, at the moment they are all just little scamps!

I have uploaded all of the videos to Anyanka's Kittens Album on flickr, but here is one of the kittens playing. The Silver and White girl was still fast asleep in the kitten box so we are missing her from the video. (Anyanka Kittens Playing Video)

There are also some videos of each of the boys being held and they look so relaxed, Anyanka is such a sweetheart and she passes this on to her kittens. The boys remind me of how daft their Uncle Grumpy was at this age!

Blue Smoke and White Boy - video one and video two
Blue Tabby and White Boy - video one
Silver Tabby and White Boy - video one

(The videos were taken @ 4 and half weeks of age)

Friday 29 October 2010

Not Siberians but just as gorgeous!

I have just sent off my membership renewal for the Scottish Wildcat Association. I came across their website last year and instantly fell in love with them and I was touched by the people who are dedicated in saving this rare breed. There are currently only 400 remaining, and it would be a terrible shame for another part of our small Island's heritage to disappear.

They look such a majestic animal and they make me think how similar they are too Siberians and is this what a Siberian would resemble in the wild?

Please visit the website and see for yourself what a wonderful cat they are! And if you are thinking of a different Christmas present this year and at only £25 for membership, I think this is a wonderful idea.

Monday 25 October 2010

Anyanka's Kittens Escaping!!

Andy took a short video on Sunday of Anyanka's kittens @ 3 and half weeks of age. All the kittens are doing great and so very cute. Anyanka has such adorable, friendly kittens.

The Blue tabby boy comes to the front of the box and squeaks for attention. It is still difficult to tell the silver kittens apart, so at the start of the video we have one of the Silver kits on the left, the Blue tabby boy in the middle and the Blue (Smoke) with White on the right. He is so cute and even though the smallest at the moment in the litter he is so feisty, I really love this little guy.
Saying that, I love them all!

We are still taking enquiries for Anyanka's kittens so please email if you think you can offer one of these scamps a home!

If the video below throws an error (I think it hates the fancy new camera Andy has!!! I have been trying to upload the video since Monday!!) go to our Flickr Album Anyanka's Kittens

Sunday 24 October 2010

Galina's Kittens

A short video of Galina's kittens @ 2 and half weeks old. Galina had 7 kittens 2 Blue tabbies and 5 Brown Tabbies with and without white. All kittens are doing well and very cute. Galina is being a brilliant mum as always, but she did decide earlier in the week that she didn't want the kittens in the kitten box anymore and next to it was much better.

The kittens will be ready to go to their new home around Christmas time, so if you are interested in one of these gorgeous kittens please email

(Video Album Link - Galina's Kittens)

Thursday 21 October 2010

Anyanka's Kittens Videos

On behalf of Jo, a couple of short videos of Anyanka and Mishka's babies.

(If you can't see the videos here please see them in our on-line album - Anyanka Kitten Videos)

Sunday 17 October 2010

New Photo Album on Flickr

It has been a tough week for me, my cold turned into a stinker which hasn't helped with my recent run of bad health which is very frustrating as this year I really wanted to get on with the website and continue to show but I haven't been able to do either. Therefore in order to help me quickly upload photos to the web I have created a new Album on Flickr, here is the link

I have started by creating photo sets for
  • Our Cats
  • Black Silver Tabby Siberian Kittens
  • Black Silver Tabby and White Siberian Kittens
  • Brown Tabby and White Siberian Kittens
  • Brown Tabby Siberian Kittens
  • Seal (Tabby) Lynx Points Siberian Kittens (this will include with white too)
  • Blue (Tabby) Lynx Points Siberian Kittens (this will include with white too)
I will then over the coming months upload all the different colour Siberian Kittens we have had and I also want to create a photo set for all the lovely photos we receive from new owners of our sweet kittens being spoilt and loved in their new homes.

Monday 11 October 2010

New Kittens Welcome Back Present!!

I am back from a lovely trip to Boston with my Mum, we had a great time, gorgeous hotel and some rest!

Andy looked after the furry bunch, and on Tuesday last week Galina gave birth to 7 stunning babies. We have 5 browns and 2 blues, and because Phoenix is the Dad we have a mixture of with and without white. I will confirm boys and girls soon.

It was a lovely welcome back for me and I couldn't believe how big they were already! With 7 packed in there I thought they would be smaller but no all really good weights.

Anyanka's are nearly two weeks old and all doing well. I think we have 2 blues (possibly our first blue smoke) and 3 silvers again with Mishka the Dad a mixture of with and without white!

I am still getting over the journey home and first day back at work, definite feeling of "First day back Monday blues!!" and I seem to have now started with a cold so please don't think I won't be replying I just need some time to get back up to date. With the arrival of Galina's kittens we should have enough kittens to cover our recent enquiries :-)

Both litters should be ready to go to their new homes around Christmas time.

Saturday 2 October 2010

Anuta and Paavo's Baby Boy and Availability

Introducing Alexandrite Ajax!!!

Ajax is a Brown Tabby and he is the son of gorgeous Anuta and handsome Paavo. He is 5 weeks old and just starting to explore m
ore. He was the only kitten in the litter so we are going to repeat the mating as we are so pleased with how handsome he is. Therefore Anuta will be staying with us for the time being, she obviously didn't want to leave us just yet!!

Some photos of the handsome boy - Alexandrite Ajax

If you have been in touch about Ajax sorry if I haven't got back to you but if you see his photos and are interested in adopting him please email


Anyanka and Mishka's kittens have arrived, 5 beautiful babies. We have 3 boys and 2 girls. I will confirm colours when they are a bit older but it looks like we have a mixture of Blues, Brown and Silvers, with and without white.


I will be away from tomorrow and won't be back until next weekend, my mum and I are going off to Boston, USA for a girls holiday. We are very excited!!

Andy will be at home if you want to enquire about our kittens, but any email replies will be left until I am home again so please don't think I'm not replying!