Sunday 30 October 2011

Akiro does it again!! Another fantastic Show Result!!

We went off to Newbury yesterday for the CatTICA show. We took along Alexandrite Akiro to hopefully get more points towards his Supreme Alter Title and he couldn't have made us prouder. He finished the show with a total of 5 Finals

Chris Unangst - BEST Longhair Alter
Katherina Krenn - 2nd Best Longhair Alter
  Frencesca Gagern - 3rd Best Allbreed Alter
  Heather Roberts - 5th Best Allbreed Alter
  Jeff Roberts - 5th Best Allbreed Alter

Way to go Akiro!
Again we were asked "Why is he an Alter???" Which just makes us very proud of our Siberians and  for anyone who breeds cats, you can't keep everyone in the breeding program. This the judges understood. But by showing him as an alter it proves that we have picked some fantastic Siberians as our foundation cats and we are keeping those lines going with our own bred Siberians.

Big Thank you to all the Judges who picked Akiro for a Final and special thanks to my mum for all her help and catalogue scoring and for those fantastic sandwiches! xxx
Some photos of him in his finals sorry for quality the hall lighting wasn't great.
Akiro and his BEST Alter final with Chris Unangst

Akiro and his 2nd Best Alter Final with Katherina Krenn

Saturday 15 October 2011

Show News! Alexandrite Akiro does it again!

Well after a long break from showing, we decided to do one day at the The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain TICA show last weekend at Solihull. We took along Alexandrite Akiro, who is already a TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter and he made us very proud.

Up against 2 other very handsome Siberian boys, Akiro achieved 5 out of 6 Best of Breeds and 5 Finals:

Sue Hart-Jones - BEST Longhair Alter
Aline Noel Garel - 2nd Best Allbreed Alter
Toni Jones - 4th Best Allbreed Alter
Mary Lise De Landsteer - 7th Best Allbreed Alter
Irene Van Belzen - 7th Best Allbreed Alter

So we just need to work out his points and we think one more show will hopefully cover it, Akiro should be on target for his Supreme Grand Champion Alter Title. Thank you to all the judges who finaled him and extra special one to Sue for the BEST Alter. Way to go Akiro, you are a star!!

Sue, Andy and Akiro with his BEST Alter Rosette

Akiro and his super collection of Rosettes!

Results of Alexandrite Akiro's last show in February at the Cattica, again one day only and he did us proud as again he had some super competition. At this show Akiro acheived his TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter Title.

Kurt Vlach - BEST Allbreed Alter
Phillipa Holmes - 3rd Best Longhair Alter
Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz - 5th Best Allbreed Alter
Vlada Beninya - 5th Best Longhair Alter

Again thank you to all the Judges who finaled him and especially to Kurt for finaling him BEST Alter.

Kitten Availability

Galina's Kitten
We have received an enquiry for Galina's Brown and White girl so at the moment she is optioned, awaiting receipt of the deposit.

Mystique's Kittens
All kittens are doing well and just starting to explore more and to eat solids food. One of the boys has even been pinching mum's! Currently all kittens are under assessment.

Gemini's Kittens
We took Gemini for a scan yesterday just to check how she was doing. All is fine and we could see on the scan between 3 & 4 kittens. It was so exciting see the hearts beating, and the spines. They did look huge.
So we are on kitten watch again!

I will update the blog when we have any more news.

This is a repeat mating of the one that produced the handsome TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro. So we are expecting some lovely kittens with personalities to match.

Allergy Visits

We often receive enquiries for Allergy Visits, at the moment this is something we currently can't accommodate. We are the proud owners of Fudge our Birman and Nog our American Curl. We are also trying to complete the extension and remodelling of the rest of the house and garden. So with work, kittens, our furry family, home/garden, my ongoing health issue we unfortunately don't have much free time.

We are hoping that in the New Year this is something we might be able to re-look at.

Tuesday 11 October 2011

Kitten Availability & Update!

We have available one girl from Galina's litter she is a Brown Tabby and White and is as sweet as she looks. She has a sweet little white tail tip!



If you think you can offer this beautiful girl a forever home, please email us at

Memphis Kittens

All of Memphis kittens have now been adopted. They are a lovely bunch and for Memphis first litter she couldn't have done any better. The kittens are all very cute and playful and she has looked after them really well, keeping them clean and tidy. She has definitely passed on her sweet nature and we think Paavo has passed on his love of food!

Kitten Update

Both Galina's and Memphis kittens have been to their first vet visit and all were very brave for their first vaccination and everything checked out ok. Kittens will start going off to their new homes from 30th October. We can't believe where the time has gone!!

As always we have enjoyed having both litters around and they are always doing something to entertain us and make us laugh.

We do have 3 Silver Tabby kittens, 2 boys and 1 girl from Mystique and Hendrix, they are only 4 weeks old at the moment. All are fat balls of fluff and at the moment all kittens are under assessment.