Thursday 22 November 2012

Little Jomo 200% of Cute!!

The very cute photos are of Little Jomo (named by Aunty Mim). Her mum and dad are Mojo and Paavo. She is the only one in the litter and so fat but extra cute. I thought everyone would love to see how gorgeous she is and how proud Mojo is of her.

Little one has been sharing the sofa with me this week and is so like her dad already as she is either sleeping or eating!!

For the time being Little Jomo is under assessment.

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Alexandrite Ellette - Adopted

There has been a change to plans and we now have available Alexandrite Ellette from Gemini's litter. Ellette means "Little Elf" and I think it really suits her impish appearance. We call her Letty for short and when she was born she weighed only 52 grams. But with Gem looking after her and Andy's determination to make sure she survived. Little Letty is now catching her siblings up and is such a sweetie with a mischievous streak.

Letty is a Brown Torbie (Tortie Tabby) and White with a very cute white tail tip.

If you would like to adopt Letty please email for more details. Letty will be ready to go to her new home just after Christmas.

Because Letty is a bit smaller she is available for £425. This includes 3-1 vaccination, flea/worm treatment, kitten vouchers and a lovely handmade Pepper PAW Blanket.

Alexandrite Bond - Adopted

Currently we only have available Gemini's handsome Black and White Boy. He is so cute in his little Black Tuxedo that we just had to call him Alexandrite Bond. With 6 sisters he has a lot to cope with!!

But in true Bond style he does and looks very dashing at all times. And now they are exploring outside the kitten room he has decided he not only looks like Bond but can do stunts on the stairs too :) He is very funny to watch.

Mishka has had a Black and White boy before and he really did look lovely with his full winter coat so if this colour isn't your first choice please don't be put off as we are sure he will look fab when he matures.

Please email for more details and photos of Bond.

Alexandrite Bond is available for £450 which includes 3-1 vaccination, flea/worm treatment, kitten vouchers and right on trend handmade with love Pepper PAW Blanket. Both his parents have TICA Titles so you know he is a lovely example of the breed.

Please note, we do not early neuter due to our vets not doing the procedure at such an early age.

Also we are starting to take enquiries for our 2013 litters so if you would like to join our waiting list or just enquire please contact us. I will only be taking a maximum of 3 enquiries per litter on the waiting list to try and avoid disappointment. Please email to enquire or to join the waiting list. Once the litters are born first choice will (after us for breeding purposes) go to the waiting list.

We have some lovely kittens planned for next year but if you can't wait until then please contact me about handsome Bond.

Gemini Kittens

We still haven't decided who to keep of Gemini's 3 girls. We are hoping to have decided by the middle of December which will be after their first vaccination.

All girls are lovely and so different in colour it is making it very hard decision to make.

Gemini Kittens Adopted

Some photos of Gem's gorgeous babies who have already been adopted. We have the two Brown Tortie and White girls who are going together and will be joining another of our kittens. Avior will be surprised when he sees double!

Gem's stunning Black Solid girl will be joining a lovely family full of Sibs and one of our previous kittens Argentia. They are getting prepared and little one is going to be spoilt. I have seen the super new bowl waiting for her when she arrives.

Monday 19 November 2012

Memphis Kittens Adopted

The rest of Memphis gorgeous babies have now been adopted and we have from top to bottom:

Brown tabby boy 2
Brown tabby girl 1 - Pushka
Brown tabby boy 1
Brown tabby girl 2

They are super kittens to have around and we are enjoying their crazy antics!

Memphis Kittens

A couple of photos of Memphis gorgeous Silver Tabby Girls. Both girls are still being evaluated and I have had a number of enquiries for them both already. It is going to be a very hard decision to make.

Friday 16 November 2012

Funny Kitten Photo

Just wanted to share this photo of Catelaya one of Memphis Silver Girls. She was having such a great time having her photo taken and decided to come right up to the camera!

I will be updating the blog shortly with some proper photos.

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Retired Girl Available - Boo Boo

We are looking for a loving retirement home for Alexandrite Beonin aka Boo Boo. Boo is a lovely Brown tabby and has an amazing winter coat. She is 5 years old and would probably be best suited to a home with one other cat or on her own. She also needs someone who knows how to look after her super coat. Boo has already been spayed and is ready to go.

Please email for more information.

Monday 12 November 2012

Not Sib News But Nog News!

I know this isn't Siberian news but it is cat news and it's something we are all excited about here!

I recently updated Nogs Blog with this news but wanted to share it here too while we sorted out new photos of Memphis and Gems kittens. 

Well since being adopted by Nog I have been inspired to create a couple of new enterprises. One of them is Nogs Cat Shop, which is a fun online shop and very soon Nog will have his very own children's ebook!

The photo is a character sketch of Nog as a kitten and so fits his personality. I have been very lucky to have a professional children's illustrator Jan McCafferty work on the new ebook. Her work and understanding of his character is awesome and we are all really excited to see my ideas turn into a reality. 

The children's ebook will be called "Nog Finds A New Home" and will be aimed at helping young children understand what happens when a new kitten arrives. 

I will be updating Nogs Blog with more news as we have it and Noggy is so excited with all the attention xx

Sunday 11 November 2012

Yay!! Website & Email Back!

Good news it looks like our website and email is back :)

Saturday 10 November 2012

Website & Email Issues

We seem to have website and email issues at the moment. If you have any questions about our kittens for the time being please call 01270 569358 or email

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Kitten Availability & Update

A lot been happening here with kittens growing and adoptions.

Both Olivia and Blaze have found new homes. Olivia has gone to live with Laila and another of our kittens called Aster. Blaze has gone to live with Fran and family and another lovely Siberian called Skyla. Thank you to both families for adopting them.

Above is a photo of Blaze settling in straightaway with his new family and friend. Blaze was always the quieter of Fe's boys and it's super to see him having fun and settling so quickly.

As for the younger kittens 4 of Memphis kittens have now been adopted and for the time being both silver girls are being evaluated. They are both lovely and it's getting harder to decide who to keep which is a great position as a breeder to be in :)

In Gem's litter both Brown Tortie and white girls and her Solid Black girl have been adopted. Three of the girls are still being assessed and they are so different but lovely again it is going to be hard choice.

Therefore currently we only have available Gem's Black and White boy (photo above). He is a handsome little chap and it must be difficult having so many sisters!

We were hoping to get photos this weekend but Andy has hurt his hand and I am still having a very tough time with my on going health issues. Hopefully will have some soon though because all kittens are growing so fast and looking fab!