Are our Siberians pedigree?
Yes, all of our Siberians are pedigrees. They aren't just pedigree Siberians they are from some of BEST Siberians in the World and we have the Titles to prove it. Even though our Siberians are all pedigree this doesn't guarantee they will be suitable for all allergy and asthma sufferers. Siberians are unique just like us so one Siberian kitten might be OK for one person. They aren't for another. 

What information we will require or ask?
If you are enquiring after one of our Siberian Kittens or Cats please provide as much information about you and your family as possible, this will speed up the reservation process. We will need to know:
Do you have any allergies or asthma?
Do you have any children?
Do you have any other pets?
Will you be letting the kitten out?
How long will the kitten or cat be left for each day? 
Do you have any kitten preferences i.e. male or female, colour?

Waiting List & Deposits
Kittens can be reserved prior to arriving by joining the waiting list for a £50 fee. Kittens can be reserved with a £100 deposit. Both the waiting list fee and kitten reservation deposit is non-refundable, sorry but this is not negotiable. If for whatever reason you decide to not have one of our beautiful Siberian Kittens after leaving a deposit you will lose the deposit. 

Meeting the kittens
We only allow visits to our kittens after first vaccination at around 9 weeks of age. It is true kittens aren't fully protected but if a visitor brought an illness with them an older kitten would be able to fight it better than a 3 week old kitten. 


It is very important for visitors to not cross infect from breeder to breeder. Always wear different clothes when going to different breeders. Again this doesn't fully protect our kittens but it will help minimise risks. Do not take offence if we do not let you handle a kitten. This is to protect your new arrival and their siblings. 

Please remember this is our home and we do try to accommodate kitten visits but only arrange to visit if you are serious about a Siberian and understand the nature of what's involved in owning a long haired cat who is inquisitive and loves to be involved in every day life. Siberians do moult twice a year and drop some fur daily, if you are very particular about clothes or furniture a long haired cat might not be for you. 

First visits will be restricted to two people only. 

Kitten Information Sheet

We had quite a close call with arranging kitten collections end of 2014 as a result we will be introducing a Kitten Visit Information sheet. Please can we point out what might seem as something small to you, visiting a breeder's home with an infectious disease could have devastating repercussions for the breeder and their family of cats and kittens. We don't want full medical histories that's unreasonable and totally not what we are asking for but it is very important to make us aware of any conditions your existing pet is being treated for and there are some conditions which can be passed from humans to pets. The consequences for anyone breeding cats could be not only extremely costly but heartbreaking. 

We sometimes have younger kittens which aren't available for kitten visits but because all our kittens are raised indoor and socialised daily they are at risk to anything being brought into the our home. We also have an elderly Birman Fudge who is 15 this year and again he is at risk. On a personal note I had a thyroidectomy in 2006 as a result if there's a bug, cold, virus or stomach upset going around I pick it up and with another blood clotting issue I have I cannot take many medications so please for my sake and health if you are not well please rearrange any visits. 

Kitten Advice
Where we can we will always help new owners with any questions they have. We do provide details of what kittens eat etc when you reserve a kitten from us. 

We want to wait to meet the kittens before sending a deposit?
We have never pushed families to reserve a kitten before meeting them but due to families cancelling last minute or not turning up on the day we will no longer hold kittens while you wait to visit. If you have arranged to visit a kitten and a deposit is received for the same kitten prior to the arranged visit we will inform you straightaway. 

When can we collect our kitten?
Your Alexandrite Siberian kitten can be collected at weekends due my to own ongoing ill health and Andy being self-employed we cannot accommodate visits during the week. If you cannot collect your kitten at the weekend then unfortunately we will have to charge for any work time lost for Andy. 

I or a family member has allergies or asthma or another medical condition which could be affected by owning a Siberian Cat
We strongly recommend visiting your GP/Doctor to seek medical advice on whether you should have a cat. Neither Andy or I are doctors and we would not want to risk anyone's health by being irresponsible and saying everything will be ok living with a Siberian. Everyone reacts differently so if you are unsure please seek medical advice from a trained health practitioner before requesting a visit to see our beautiful Siberian kittens or adults. 

If you do have allergies or asthma it might be worth considering an older Siberian cat to see how you are living with a cat full time. Adult Siberian cats do have a lot to offer. Our handsome Akiro is now over 5 years old and still as daft as he was as a kitten and as loveable so please consider an older Siberian.

Allergy Visits
Any allergy visits will need to be arranged for the weekend and again unfortunately due to families not turning up or cancelling last minute we are now charging for allergy visits. The charge is £75, 50% of which will be deducted from a kitten if you decide to go ahead. We are sorry to have to do this but our weekends are very precious to us and Andy has such a lot to do each weekend and my health doesn't allow me to help him anymore. 

My allergies or asthma become worse after our kitten arrives, what happens?
This is always a possibly and we do recommend that families in this situation potentially already have another home for the kitten to go to. This can be discussed during the kitten reservation. 

If you have to return the kitten then we will need to isolate them and find your kitten a new home. This can take time and we can only refund after successful rehoming of your kitten. The refund will be 50% of the amount we receive minus any veterinary costs incurred. 

Last Updated 2nd January 2015

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