Saturday 29 May 2010

TICA Official News! TGCA Alexandrite Akiro

We have had great news from TICA today, it's official our sweet, loveable boy Alexandrite Akiro is

Triple Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro

He achieved Champion Alter at his first show and then at the last show of the Season he gained his Triple Grand Champion Alter title. With 10 finals and 3040 points, he is a Superstar and all at only 10 months of age.

Well Done Akiro, you make us all very proud

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Other people using our Kitten photos for their adverts!!

After seeing this again tonight (I think this is about the 3rd time) I thought it best to write about it on our blog. I have found a Siberian Kitten Advert offering cheap Siberians for £120, that isn't the issue I do not dictate what anyone else asks for their kittens. What I do object to is our kitten photos being used to advertise them!

The advert in question was added in April to the classifieds website, location Queens Park, Scotland. They have used this photo from our website Silver Siberian Cats kitten page

The photo is of Alexandrite Arianell and Alexandrite Genevieve, who were born in February 2008. Arianell now lives with Denise at Midnightstar Siberians.

I have not contacted the person who is doing this as in the past when I have they have insisted the kittens were theirs and they had bred them, which was a complete lie. And I found the whole experience very upsetting.

Due to this I am now forced to modify each photo we use on our blog or website with our cattery name Alexandrite but this is an older photo and at the time I didn't do this.

We currently only advertise our kittens on a few websites, mainly Cat Planet and Breeders on Line.

So please be careful when purchasing kittens make sure you are adopting the kittens in the photos and always make sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder. Ask for current photos of the kittens and where possible, arrange to see the kittens after their first vaccination.

Monday 24 May 2010

Kitten News

Well it has been non-stop here! The last couple of weeks have seen little ones go off to their new homes, more home improvements and last week I was on a 4 day course at Gatwick called "Dimensional Modeling In Depth", very geeky but brilliant. So if I haven't replied to emails sorry still catching up after a 3:30am start on the Tuesday to fly down to Gatwick and then 4 days of intense training, but it was great fun and very interesting. Got home Friday evening to a start a quiet weekend, not sure that is possible though with our little family but we do try :-)

On Sunday Grumpy had fun in the garden on his harness, it was hilarious to see Andy trying to keep up with him. When Grumpy runs he pulls like a steam engine and is faster than he looks.

Then this morning at 4am we welcomed into the family two new arrivals, Mystique was very brave and did it all herself. Miskha is the proud dad. We were a little worried as she had only two and Andy wasn't sure if he felt another kitten, so to be on the safe side we took her to the vets for a scan. All was okay and mum and babies are doing great.

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Gemini's Kittens helping in the house!! And Boo Boo Kittens

A couple of videos of Gemini's kittens the first one is of them helping out with the placing of the cushions on the sofa!

The second video is of them after we had shut the lounge door to see friends off and they decided to help out with the shredding! What a fun Bank Holiday Monday they had!

And a short video of Boo Boo's little ones eating their breakfast.