Monday 24 May 2010

Kitten News

Well it has been non-stop here! The last couple of weeks have seen little ones go off to their new homes, more home improvements and last week I was on a 4 day course at Gatwick called "Dimensional Modeling In Depth", very geeky but brilliant. So if I haven't replied to emails sorry still catching up after a 3:30am start on the Tuesday to fly down to Gatwick and then 4 days of intense training, but it was great fun and very interesting. Got home Friday evening to a start a quiet weekend, not sure that is possible though with our little family but we do try :-)

On Sunday Grumpy had fun in the garden on his harness, it was hilarious to see Andy trying to keep up with him. When Grumpy runs he pulls like a steam engine and is faster than he looks.

Then this morning at 4am we welcomed into the family two new arrivals, Mystique was very brave and did it all herself. Miskha is the proud dad. We were a little worried as she had only two and Andy wasn't sure if he felt another kitten, so to be on the safe side we took her to the vets for a scan. All was okay and mum and babies are doing great.


  1. Congratulations - well done - and look forward to seeing the babies first photos.

  2. Congrats Jo and Andy! Can't wait to see pics of the little guys!