Sunday 29 March 2009

Willow's babies

A couple of pictures of Willow's new arrivals taken earlier in the week. They are looking really cute and very chunky. The little ones have just started to open their eyes. And you should see the little ones fight for the best milk, it really is take no prisoners!

Well done Willow you are such a brilliant mum.

Saturday 28 March 2009

Well done Alexandrite IllyanaMentobe, go girl!

Just a quick note on how well Illyana did at the show last weekend, it was the Semi-long Hair Cat Club GCCF cat show and Illyana rocked!

She was awarded
  • Merit in the open class
  • 3 First places and 1 Second place
So sorry we couldn't be there to see you do so well, we were supposed to be going but Willow hadn't had her babies, so we didn't want to leave her all day. We were thinking about Illy Willy Woo all day and big thanks to Susie and Mark for showing her.

Illyana you make us so proud x

Alexandrite Ariana's scamps!

Well what can I say other than scamps, scamps, scamps and more scamps!!!

Photos of the little ones playing on the cat tree last night and having a ton load of fun. Since their first steps out of the kittening room we don't know who has had the most fun them or us watching them. They had their first vaccinations this week so are able to explore more now, and they certainly are. All under the watchful eye of mum, Ariana of course.

It was a bit scary last night for us though, Neve jumped down from the middle of the cat tree and Kaleigh was on the top well before we could do anything to stop her Kaleigh jumps straight from the top and lands right on Neve! Well at least it was soft landing! Not sure what Neve thought though...

Micah isn't quite so sure of the cat tree yet, but I sure he will be joining his sisters soon...
They are such an adorable 3 and it is great having them around

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Willow's babies

Well the babies finally arrived early hours of Sunday morning, bit stressful as we were expecting them from Thursday and Willow is always on time! And she was really big again this time weighing in at 6.3kg! We didn't think she would waddle around all week with babies on board but she did.

So we welcomed in 5 bubbas, 2 black and white boys with little white faces (bi colour style) and the obligatory white feet, Daddy style! One of these boys has a black chin which is really cute. One brown boy, one silver girl and one blue (possible) silver and white girl.

All very exciting, both mum and babies are doing great, well done Willow and Mishka x

Saturday 21 March 2009

Thank you

Both Andy and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who sent words of support via the blog and emails when they heard about our sad news of Kahlan aka Little Bob x

Everyone's kindness
has been greatly appreciated, thank you

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Alexandrite babies off to new homes

With the upset of Kahlan I have been neglecting the blog and I have been meaning to write about Galina's girls going off to their new homes a couple of weeks ago. It has definitely been quieter without them and it was lovely to spend a bit extra time with them after the boys had gone to their big adventures.

With 6 in a litter you will often see a more boisterous couple so to have just the 3 girls to play with was lovely. Elvina was the more quiet one in the litter and very good at entertaining herself but with the very boisterous boys gone we were able to see her play more with the other girls and us. Elvina loved playing with the feather and foil toys. And she reminded us so much of Cimus, a very pretty girl just adorable.

But Emerson was the best jumper blimey can she jump and turn mid-air it was quite amazing! It was like a blur watching her jump and chase the foil cat stick! Emerson also liked to look at herself in the oven door, very funny to watch. She definitely knew she is a princess x

Galenka was just a scamp but so adorable, a real gem! I know it looks like she is frowning on the photos but she is such a sweetie really!

So it has been very quiet without them all...but we have heard that they are all doing brilliantly in their new homes and I will be writing an update shortly on how they are doing...

Sunday 15 March 2009

Kahlan, in loving memory x

It is with a great sadness and through tears I write this today, on the 4th March our beloved Kahlan lost her fight with Lymphoma and we had to say goodnight to her for the very last time x

It has been so very hard for us all and we all miss her so very, very much. Kahlan was my first and I still remember to this day going to meet her for the very first time. As soon as I saw her I fell for that short tail! She was a scamp then and that never left her, if there was mischief to be had Kahlan would find it and she taught all the Sibies her little tricks, like drinking from the tap and jumping to the top of the kitchen units!

One of her favourite games was playing ball, and Kahlan loved her little teddy bear called Pookey who she would bring from the middle of the bed and place at the bottom of the stairs and then shout until I had taken Pookey back upstairs and the same would happen the next night. When we went away I told my mum about this game and mum took over putting Pookey back to bed at night. I miss playing this game Kahlan, but I will keep Pookey safe for you.

I wanted to share some of the lovely photos of Kahlan that we have, she was so beautiful and had the most cuddly tummy. Thank you for all those lovely years together and for making us all laugh and for all your love.Take care and goodnight my sweet princess Kahlan, we will be together again some day xxx

Sunday 1 March 2009

New Cat Tree

At the show yesterday Andy and I saw the most amazing cat tree and just couldn't resist treating them all. Looking at the photos you can see that everyone just loves it.

Kahlan loves the bed we got them at Christmas so when I saw this new cat tree, I wanted to treat her immediately. Kahlan was off colour on Thursday and I am not sure how much longer we have together, so I just wanted to spoil her and she loves it. As soon as Andy started putting it together Kahlan and Drusilla were exploring. The only one not to yet is Fudge, it normally takes him awhile to get used to things, he has had a sniff at it today so progress! Give him a couple of weeks and I am sure he will love it too.

We bought kit 2 and 3 and Andy put them together, we still have some bits left over so we can add to it. We think it is brilliant, there is just one problem the arguments over who sits at the top!

Show News!

Yesterday was a full day as Andy, Georgina (my niece) , Phoenix, Gemini and I went to a The Coventry and Leicester GCCF show at Stafford Showground (photos above). We had a brilliant day and we saw Illy there and her mum and dad, Susie and Mark. So we were able to catch up and see how so like her mum Illy looks now!

All the kittens did really well:
  • Illyana - Merit and 1 First place and 1 Third place
  • Phoenix - Merit and 2 Third places
  • Gemini - Merit and 1 First place and 1 Second place and 1 Third place
Well done to the Kittens, they made us all very proud, real Stars!
Georgina was a great help with Gemini and again took the most Rosettes home!

I did joke that if Phoenix didn't get 3 Firsts like his dad Mishka then we were going to leave him there, well we had plenty of offers from Susie, Stacey and Michelle to take him home. But no we decided we would let him off this time and we brought him home with us!
Of course we wouldn't be without him, he is such a love bug!

So a great day was had by all and we made new friends and had a great breakfast banquet at Michelles, which after such an early start was just brilliant.

Kittens new homes update!

Just a quick update on how Galina's boys are doing in their new homes...

Alexandrite Macy has settled in very well and Stephanie emailed me last Sunday to let me know how he was settling...

Hi Jo
I just thought that I would let you know that Macy has settled in well. He didn't like being in the basket much on the way home, so he sat on my lap the majority of the time.

He slept on my feet last night, and awoke me with a toe bite this morning. We seem to be best of mates already.

His favourite thing at the moment is chasing his toy mice, then picking them up and carrying them around in his mouth, he is playing fetch with James at the moment, which I am amazed at! He is all causing havoc with my dried plants. He is a proper little tinker.

He's a really loud purrer, which I love, and I can't thank you enough for letting us have him. He really is the most perfect cat I have ever known!!!

I'll send you some pic's as soon as I can.

Alexandrite Zyler is also settling in his new home and his new mum Vanessa emailed me to let us know...

Hi Jo
I hope you are well. Zyler is such an amazing little boy, very playful but also very affectionate, with the loudest purr ever! He is such a cutie! We just love him!!
Thanks so much