Saturday 21 March 2009

Thank you

Both Andy and I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who sent words of support via the blog and emails when they heard about our sad news of Kahlan aka Little Bob x

Everyone's kindness
has been greatly appreciated, thank you


  1. To Kahlan
    I must give you a big thank you. I had a very big fear of cats I was so bad that if I even saw a cat in the street I would cross the road or take an alternative route.
    Then one day Jo said Mum would you still come to visit me if I got a cat as you know Jo is very precious to me and I thought you have got to get over it, well Kahlan you did that, you helped me to overcome my fear. You were so adorable and a star and now you are a bright shining star in the sky that we can all look up to. We will never forget you give our love to Gemma.THANK YOU KAHLAN. Love from Nanny.

  2. Thanks Mum, your words made me cry because I miss her so much, but Kahlan changed both our views on cats and we'll never forget that. Thank you Kahlan and we both wish you lots of fun with Gemma and Dizzee, love always xx