Sunday 25 August 2013

Available Kittens & Allergies

Kitten Update:-

Just over a month ago the whole world was excited by the arrival of a new Royal Baby. Well our Little Queen Anuta Ekho was not being outshone by a Royal Baby and had 5 of her own princes and princess!

We have 3 princes and 2 princesses, all kittens appear to be Black Silver Classics with White, possibly one Blue Silver and White. One of the kittens is like a little polar bear and really stands out.

The kittens are just starting on solid food and enjoying escaping from the kitten box. The photos were taken at 3 1/2 weeks old, they will be 5 weeks on Monday.

Anuta is the granddaughter of Musrafy Anuta, hence Anuta Ekho and she is just as good a mum. She has really taken to it and it has given her a new confidence.

We are taking enquiries now for Anuta's kittens who will be able to go to their new homes at the end of October, please email for details.

Kittens Available:-

We do still have 4 boys available from Tabitha's litter. They are all Black Silver Classics and White. They are called Rayden, Rylen, Rico and Raffi. They are lovely boys but not suitable for allergy or asthma sufferers. Please email for details. The boys are ready to go to their new homes now and as they are a bit older we have amended the cost.

At the moment we have had Ruslan aka Peri back here after allergy issues. He has now joined Fudge, Nog & Co and is having a whale of a time! But once I have found homes for his brothers Peri might become available.


Since having our first litter in 2006 we have never pushed Siberians as hypoallergenic. We have been happy to successfully home kittens with families where there have been allergy/asthma sufferers. One of those was to the celebrity Amanda Holden, whose husband was allergic to any other type of cat.

But we have also unfortunately had over the years 4 kittens returned. In 3 cases two allergy sittings were carried out without any issues. But living with a cat is very different to spending a couple of hours at a breeders home. After a week or two the kittens were returned. This is very stressful for all parties and its very confusing and upsetting for the kitten.

We do not know scientifically why some litters are suitable and others aren't. Please don't ask us if our kittens are true pedigree Siberian kittens. All of Tabitha's kittens are but they are still causing a reaction. None of our girls free roam and both Nog and Fudge are neutered so no accidents!

As for allergy visits it is still difficult for us to do. We try our best but with Fudge a Birman and 2 American Curls Nog and Pepper. You still might have a reaction here and it not be the Siberians.

Every cat is different just like we are so what might be ok for one might not be for another.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Show Success! IW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro & Alexandrite Kingslayer!

Andy and I were at the TICA Brigg Show at the weekend with Akiro and Jamie and they both made us very proud.

The boys enjoyed it and were very laid back. The middle photo is of Akiro in his pushchair waiting to go home on Sunday. He was worn out!

Akiro achieved 8 Finals including a BEST, 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 4th and 5th Allbreed Alter Finals and a 4th and 5th Longhair Final. Way to go Akiro!!

Little Jamie was a star with a 2nd Longhair Final and a 10th Allbreed Final and 5 Best of Breeds!

This is a fantastic result again for him as his grandmother is a certified Siberian straight from Russia mixed with two fantastic pedigrees from his Dad Paavo, International and Regional Winner SGC and Grandfather Buslay, Regional Winner and SGC. Jamie had some wonderful comments about his coat and what a very promising boy he was.

Both boys purred all weekend and Jamie loved showing off to the Judges by climbing up the cat tree!

A Big Thank you again to all the Judges who picked them both.

Monday 12 August 2013

Kittens Available!

We have 3 of Tabitha's handsome boys looking for their forever homes. They are Rylen, Raffi and Rico. All lovely little chaps, well not so little. I think Raffi is growing like a weed!!

All the boys are Black Silver Classic and White. Rylen does look Shaded now though just like his grandfather Mishka. And Rylen is the palest of the boys.

The boys have beautiful sweet temperaments from their mum and dad Raphael. Rico is a mummy's boy but has a mischievous streak. Rylen and Raffi are very playful.

They are ready to start their next adventure now so if you think you can offer them a loving home please email for more details or to arrange a visit. If you do want to visit be prepared as the boys tend to capture the hearts of anyone who meets them!