Sunday 27 June 2010

Kitten Update

All of Boo Boo's little ones have now gone off to their new homes, so the house is quiet without them. It always feels empty when they go even with the rest of our family to look after, there is always an emptiness to the house when the little scamps go off to their new homes. We get used to the daily dose of mischief, which we always miss. So we wait now for the next little ones to start adding their daily dose of the meantime Akiro will always try to fill the gap!

We seem to have had no time recently, so sorry if you have emailed me and I haven't got back to you, I will try to answer emails this week. We do have kittens and I will be updating the blog in the next few weeks with news of how they are doing and of course some photos. We have the following little ones:

Mystique (nearly 5 weeks old)
  • Silver Spotted Tabby and White boy
  • Black Smoke and White boy
Serafina (2 weeks old)
  • Silver Tabby boy
Ariana (10 days old)
  • Blue Tabby boy
  • Silver Tabby girl
  • Brown Tabby girl
  • Blue Tabby girl
  • Golden Classic girl
I will announce on the blog which kittens are available in the next few weeks.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Show News!! TICA Champion Alter Alexandrite Argentia

We had some very exciting news yesterday from Erica who is the mummy to Alexandrite Argentia, Angie to her family or also called Little Scamp!

Scamp had been to her first TICA show as an adult competing in the Alter Class and did very well at only 9 months of age. She got 3 Best of Breeds and 2 Finals, a 3rd Best Longhair and a 9th Allbreed Alter.

The judges thought she was a good size and loved her playfulness in the ring! Just like her mum Ariana! And there was a lot of praise for her silver/black shaded fur, as well as her beautiful muzzle.

We are so proud of her, well done to Scamp. Thank you to Erica and Darren for showing her.

Erica sent these photos of her and we think she looks beautiful.

TICA Champion Alter Alexandrite Argentia
aka Angie, Little Scamp

Wednesday 9 June 2010

TICA Season 2009-2010 Results

It was a busy and tiring end to the season for us as we were showing the 3 boys but boy was it worth it. We are very proud and very excited to announce the following results:

IW SGC Cooncreole Paavo

EW Region
BEST Siberian Cat
8th Best Allbreed Cat
5th Best Longhair Cat

4th Best Siberian Cat (132 shown)

RW Alexandrite Hendrix

EW Region
BEST Siberian Kitten
7th Best Allbreed Kitten

4th Best Siberian Kitten (90 shown)

TGCA Alexandrite Akiro

EW Region
2nd Best Siberian Alter

13th Best Siberian Kitten (90 shown)
8th Best Siberian Alter (43 shown)

Paavo gained another Regional win, Hendrix is our first Alexandrite Regional Winner and Akiro did brilliantly for a young Siberian competing in the Alter class.

Way to go Boys! You make us all very proud xxx

Also well done to everyone who showed Siberians this year and Good Luck for next year!