Saturday 18 October 2014

Alexandrite Kittens go Global!

WOW! Well we couldn't believe this photo when we saw it but yes that's our Alexandrite kittens on a home decor cushion in Holland!! 

Thank you to Maria for seeing it and tagging us on Facebook so I could share it on our blog. 

The photo was taken by Krissi Lundgren in 2007 and was of Willows and Cimus litter. 

Here is the cushion in the shop

Alexandrite Kiitens on cushion

And some more images after I found it on the shop website 

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

The cushion in close up!

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

And they've even added our gorgeous Alexandrite kittens to another cushion

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

This is so amazingly awesome. The best news to finish up a Saturday!

Thank you again to Maria you are a true friend.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Siberian Kitten Update

We have available beautiful Alexandrite Lily who is a Brown Classic Tabby and White. Lily is ready to go now and is looking for a family to share some new adventures with. Her sister has gone to her new home. Lily loves playing and we think she is missing having her sister to play with. Lily is just 4 months old and we were tempted to keep her but with me still recovering from my operation and general poor health we think it would be best for Lily to go to a pet home where she can have lots of fun. If you think you would like to arrange to meet Lily please email

We do not know if Lily will be suitable for anyone with allergies or asthma. If you do have any medical conditions which could be affected by owning a cat then we strongly recommend taking the advice of your doctor. Not everything that is on the internet about Siberians and allergies is proven scientific fact please see our FAQs for more information on allergies. The trauma of a kitten or adult going to a new home and then being returned due to a bad allergy or asthma attack is very upsetting for all parties involved.