Saturday 18 October 2014

Alexandrite Kittens go Global!

WOW! Well we couldn't believe this photo when we saw it but yes that's our Alexandrite kittens on a home decor cushion in Holland!! 

Thank you to Maria for seeing it and tagging us on Facebook so I could share it on our blog. 

The photo was taken by Krissi Lundgren in 2007 and was of Willows and Cimus litter. 

Here is the cushion in the shop

Alexandrite Kiitens on cushion

And some more images after I found it on the shop website 

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

The cushion in close up!

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

And they've even added our gorgeous Alexandrite kittens to another cushion

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

This is so amazingly awesome. The best news to finish up a Saturday!

Thank you again to Maria you are a true friend.

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