Friday 24 May 2013

Lexy & Kitten Update

As you can imagine its been crazy mad here with our extended family of kittens!

All mums and kittens are doing well and this weekend Marishka's go off to their new homes. We will miss them, they've been a super fun bunch but they will be very well spoilt in their new homes. And we will look forward to updates and photos.

Alexandrite Kingslayer aka Jamie is staying here and we are excited to watch his development. He is a character and chatty and already has dads fat pouch!!

Next month will be another busy month with more kittens going and 2 weddings to go too!!

I am trying to keep up to date with emails but if I have missed replying please just email me again to

We might have details of kittens available next month and we are already planning our late summer (autumn) kittens.

In the meantime here's a lovely photo of Lexy who lives with our great friend Maria. We think she has turned into a very pretty girl. Big thanks to Maria for looking after her.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Adopted Kitten - Alexandrite Auberon

Due to me not sorting out photos sooner we have available this little guy from Marishka's and Paavo's litter. We have called him Auberon "King of the Fairies" or to us Little Ron. He is a Brown Tabby. He seems to be the quietest in the bunch but loves playing and running around and bouncing his ping pong ball down the stairs. He does have a very distinctive squeak which he uses to shout for his mum and siblings when he can't find them. It's very cute.

Marishka has done a super job with her first litter and all have great fun characters just like mum. I think Little Ron might just be a bit more laid back like his dad. The photos were taken Bank Holiday weekend.

If you think you would like to offer Little Ron a loving home please email for more details. Little Ron will be available to go to his new home end of May after his second vaccination.

Sunday 12 May 2013

Moving forward...

Andy took some great photos last weekend of Musrafy Marishka and TICA International Winner and Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Paavo's kittens in what weekend could be our only summer! Well I hope it isn't!!

This little guy, well I say little he was 1.6kg at 10 weeks and already has his dad's fat pouch :) I keep calling him Alexandrite Kingslayer but he really is such a big softee. He shows a lot of promise and will add a diversity to our gene pool. As a breeder you are in a battle of keeping type and diversity, it's still early days for him but I think he's got both!

Friday 10 May 2013

Thank You and The Potster!!

I just wanted to say a really Big Thank You to family and friends who have supported us this week. We have had so many lovely emails, even from families who haven't even had one of our kittens. Thank you. We just wanted to support a friend and in doing so we have had a lot of support for our actions in return so again Thank You.

I also wanted to share this photo of Paavo aka "The Potster". I was met with this great pose on walking into our bedroom! I think his whole face kinda sums up what's been going on as one of "Really, is this really happening?! Crazy!!!"
It also shows how laid back he is and yes I really do think he is expecting snow tomorrow with that summer coat!!

Hopefully Paavo might be out next show season, we really miss taking him and it would be good to show a mature Siberian. Some Judges might need a bit of help though as that's not all fur it really is him!!

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Belated Birthday Wishes Fudge!

With the excitement of the show season finish we didn't manage to post Fudge reaching his 13th Birthday on the 27th April!!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes Fudge!!
Love from us all xxxx

On the 3rd May Kahlan his best friend should have been 13 too but we lost her to Lymphoma shortly before her 9th Birthday. I still like to wish her Happy Birthday and we all miss her so much. Thank you Kahlan for sending Nog to me. He really does have your spark for life. Miss you always our Little Bob Tail xxxx