Sunday 12 May 2013

Moving forward...

Andy took some great photos last weekend of Musrafy Marishka and TICA International Winner and Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Paavo's kittens in what weekend could be our only summer! Well I hope it isn't!!

This little guy, well I say little he was 1.6kg at 10 weeks and already has his dad's fat pouch :) I keep calling him Alexandrite Kingslayer but he really is such a big softee. He shows a lot of promise and will add a diversity to our gene pool. As a breeder you are in a battle of keeping type and diversity, it's still early days for him but I think he's got both!


  1. Oh my gosh Jo! He is stunning! Love him to bits. What a strong, handsome fellow. Love his spots - so well defined. Xx m

  2. Thanks Melanie. He is a handsome chap and so full of character like Marishka! The tabby markings are amazing on them all and super texture to the coat. We have been lucky to have another super girl from Maria xx