Monday 18 April 2011

Pantera Kittens Video

A short video of Pantera's kittens taken last week, the kittens are going through the "I fall over at the slightest touch!!" phase. It is very cute to watch.

It looks like we have 2 Silver and White tabby boys, a Black Smoke and White boy, a Blue Tabby boy and a Black Smoke girl.

Sunday 17 April 2011

Boo Boo Kitten Videos

Well time has flown by since Boo Boo and Mishka's kittens arrived in February!

Boo had 2 kittens a Black Smoke Boy and a Silver Classic Girl, both kittens are very cute and love exploring. I have taken enquiries for both kittens but if they do become available I will update the blog with the news.

Andy took some videos of them the other weekend and here they are, enjoy...

First we have Alexandrite Tynan, I think Fudge startled him at the end!

Next his sweet sister Alexandrite Nixie

And finally one of them together playing

Saturday 16 April 2011

Scammers Again!!

It was very upsetting for us this week to learn from Melanie at Snowgum Siberians that someone has pinched her website wording and is passing it off as their own!

What is very hard for us to see is that they are using our kitten photos and one of them is of Calix. It is so frustrating and it does upset geniune breeders when this happens. We have been the victim of our photos being pinched so many times now but this really is taking it too far.

Please see Melanie's blog for more details, here is the link Snowgum Siberians Blog

I feel really bad for Melanie as she has put a lot of hardwork into her site and I know from experience how long putting together a site and the words can take so to see it being used to scam people out of money makes me very angry.

Only the other day Andy spoke to a lady who had been offered a kitten to adopt and they had used our kitten photos of Georgina, Akiro's sister.

So if you are looking for a Siberian kitten or any other kitten please check to make sure you are dealing with a genuine breeder.

Monday 11 April 2011

Pantera Kitten Photos

This first photo was taken last week of who we call "The Mishka Bear", you can definitely tell who the daddy is!!

This little guy is under assessment for the time being.

I then took some quick photos on Saturday of Pantera's kittens. We haven't taken proper ones yet as they are still a bit young and Pantera wasn't too keen on the idea. So rather than stress her out we are going to wait a little bit and hopefully in a weeks time we should be able to get some videos and better photos. So sorry about the quality but I still think they look very cute and they are all very fat sausages :-)

Mishka Bear again

This little chap looks like a Black Smoke with White, he has a little bit of white under one eye which looks kinda cute

Black smoke girl and 2 Silver Tabby boys.

One photo of the proud mum Pantera, I think you can just about see one of the babies

Monday 4 April 2011

The kittens have arrived!!

Sorry for not posting sooner, with the sad news of Mercury and then Nog arriving I don't know where last week went!

We are very excited to announce not one but two litters arriving last week, the first to arrive were Pantera's and Mishka's babies. We think we have 4 boys and 1 girl, a mixture of Silver Tabbies and with and without white. The girl maybe Black Smoke but I will confirm colours soon.

The second litter is between Serafina and Hendrix, we have been waiting for this mating to happen and at one point we thought it wasn't but good things come to those who wait LOL! Serafina had 2 boys and 1 girl, all Silver Tabbies.

Both mums and babies are doing really well. The kittens are already very fat sausages and hopefully should get some videos soon. Wasn't able to yesterday as Andy hurt his back so he was in too much pain to take videos. He is feeling a bit better today.

The kittens won't be available to reserve until around 4 to 5 weeks old, by which time we should know who is available and who maybe under assessment. The little ones will be ready to go to their new home end of June/early July. If you are interested in one of our cute kittens please email

Saturday 2 April 2011

Introducing Nog!

Well in true Hollywood Celebrity style we have added to our family and no not another Siberian or Birman we have gone for a different breed, yes Nog is an American Curl!

We have been very lucky to adopt Nog from Claire and Stefan at Overear American Curls.

After our recent heartache with losing both Calix and Mercury, Nog does his best to heal our hearts and we love him for it.

So if you would like to read all about Nog please visit our new Blog

Alexandrite Mercury

Marina sent me some photos of Mercury aka Hermes and I wanted to share them with everyone and this is how I want to rememember him.

The first one was taken about a month ago, we think he looks so like his dad Mishka and the second one with Danae of him playing in the garden was taken just 3 days before he sadly passed away...

Marina has created a web page about Mercury and here is a link to it, read his lovely story and how he was a such a big personality.

Mercury's Story

We all miss you Mercury, be safe now sweet, handsome boy xxx