Available Alexandrite Siberians and Kittens

Here we will detail any Alexandrite Siberians Kittens and Siberian Adults available to loving forever homes. All Alexandrite Siberian Kittens are from Championship Lines, we have been showing Siberians since 2006 and we have bred many Championship Siberians. They include the fantastic and handsome International Winner & twice Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro. Akiro has achieved many Best in Shows, Best in the World Siberian Alter and Best in Western Europe Region Alter. He really is a one in a Million Siberian and we are so very proud to have bred him ourselves. Akiro is the first UK bred Siberian to qualify for the TICA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Award. Akiro's Grandfather is Quadruple Grand Champion Alexandrite Angelus Mishka, who was also Best In Region Siberian Kitten. Another Show Winner was Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Azazeal, Grumpy is no longer with us but he's not forgotten. He was a truly stunning Black Smoke Siberian. We also have Regional Winner Champion Alexandrite Hendrix and Champion Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka.
During 2014 we have been showing Alexandrite Kimball. Kimball at just over a year old has achieved his TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Title and finished the season with a Regional Win. This is an amazing accomplishment for a boy who was only an adult for 5 months of the TICA Show season.
We are also proud to have here at Alexandrite Siberians the International Winner & Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Cooncreole Paavo. Paavo is a stunning Siberian and he passes on his huge size and loving personality to his kittens. Our first boy was the handsome Quadruple Grand Champion Rossity Cimus all the way from Russia. All Siberian kittens will be vaccinated with a 3-1 core vaccine, wormed and flea treatment and go to new home with kitten goodies and handmade Pepper PAW Blanket. All Alexandrite Siberian Kittens will remain here until 13-14 weeks of age.
Our Siberian kittens are raised in the home and are loved and socialised.
We also follow the guidelines of Dr Addie (Glasgow University) where we do not mix our kittens and mums together or with our house cats or show cats.
Following the advice of our vet we do not early neuter.
We do care about and love all of our Siberians and their welfare is important to us. We raise all kittens with a key factor in mind that they are thoroughly cuddle tested.
We try to breed following a code of integrity where we do not gossip or discuss other breeders to prospective new owners.
Allergy Visits
We are currently not arranging allergy visits unless we have kittens available at 14 weeks of age.
Allergy visits can be arranged but will cost £50. This will need to be paid before the visit is organised. We are sorry to have to do this but this is because we are organising our weekend to accommodate visits for last minute texts or emails cancelling the visit. We feel that this will also make sure that we have genuine enquiries only. First visits will be restricted to two people only.

Please contact us for more details of kittens available, either email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk or call in an evening 01270 569358
Available Kittens
We will not be arranging allergy visits unless we have kittens available after both vaccinations have been carried out.
Please contact us for more details of kittens available, either email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk or call in an evening 01270 569358 no calls after 9pm please.
OPTIONED - A family have reserved the kitten but a deposit hasn't yet been received.
RESERVED - The kitten has been reserved and a deposit received.
Girls Available
No girls available at this time.
Boys Available
No boys available at this time.
Last Update: 18th November 2015
Available Adults
We would love to keep all our Siberians but that isn't fair on them as we can't give them the attention they deserve. All Siberians love to spend time with their families and a home where they can be involved and share a sofa or a knee is what they are looking for.
If you do suffer with allergies it is worth considering an older Siberian but please take into consideration any travel distance or time.
Photos to follow...

Gem and Phoenix have now found a new home together. We are retiring more of our adult Siberians this year. All adult Siberians will be neutered and microchipped. And will be ready to go to new homes from the beginning of December.
Please email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk for more information about any of our gorgeous Siberian Kittens and Adults.
Last updated 18th November 2015