Sunday 22 February 2009

Introducing Alexandrite Illyana Mentobe

Beautiful Illyana aka Illy Willy Woo has gone to live with Mark and Susie Harris and their Birman family, where she is spoilt rotten and thoroughly loved by everyone. Illyana is a brown and white tabby with a sparkling personality and loves to get up to mischief but I am convinced it is the Birmans who show her what to do! Illy has a new best friend called Miu Miu and they love to play together and cuddle when all worn out.

We have made great new friends with Mark and Susie and we met up at a local show the other week where they showed us some new photos of Illy she looked adorable and more like her mum Boo Boo. So I asked for copies so that I could show everyone how gorgeous she looks.
I hope you agree...

See Illyana and her super family at the
Mentobe website

Alexandrite Babies off to new homes!

Well 3 of the kittens have gone off to their new homes this weekend, it is a happy and sad occasion for us all here. We are excited for the kittens going off to start a new big adventure in their forever homes and it lovely meeting their new parents, but it is also very hard and very sad to see them go. The time passes so quickly from when they are first born, sharing those first wobbly steps, watching them play fight and tumble with their siblings and mum! We become very attached to them and they give us so much enjoyment after a long hard day at work they are the best thing to come home too.

It is Galina's boys who have gone and we will really miss them. Zyler was such a star, loved to play and sometimes got a bit carried away and liked to nibble on your fingers. So I would try and deter him by covering his face with my hand only for him to wash the inside of my hand, which just meant he ended up with a big kiss and I forgot all about the finger nibbling!

Cade is a cool dude, if not playing or biting Andy's toes he was always at his food! He is so handsome, very masculine look and I predict he will be just as handsome as his Dad Cimus when he is older.

Macy, same pattern as Cade Silver Classic, but a pretty boy version and a lovable rascal! He could be a horror at times, another toe biter just like his brother but too pretty for you to ever be cross with him.

So just the 3 girls left, they will be off to their new homes over the next couple of weeks but we will all miss the boys...

Saturday 14 February 2009

Alexandrite Zurik aka Dylan

Alexandrite Zurik aka Dylan lives with Irene and Chris and isn't he enjoying himself!

Dylan is a very handsome black smoke just like our Grumpy and he really reminds me of him.

These photos were taken of him in December and February he is just 8 months old and still growing! He is definitely going to be challenging Grumpy for the most handsome Alexandrite Black Smoke boy this year! Watch out Grumpy!!!

Irene has a slight allergy to cats, but has been fine with Dylan. He is well and truly spoilt and loved in his new home, and again thank you to Irene and Chris for loving him so much. You can see that in the photo of him doing what Siberians do best and cuddling!

Seeing Dylan so happy and loved and so very handsome makes us so proud of our family.

Alexandrite Petrov & Alexandrite Jazz

Photos of Jazz (blue tabby and white) and his brother Petrov (blue silver and white) @ 1 year old! Don't they both look very handsome. Jazz still has a cute kitten face and Petrov doesn't seem to stop growing. They are both being spoilt rotten by Vanessa and John and they loved their first Christmas with the tree, tons of presents and of course the paper and boxes! Petrov and Jazz love following their mum around and keeping watch over her on top of the kitchen cupboards making sure she is alright.

It is lovely for Andy and I to hear how the little ones are doing in their new homes. Thank you to Vanessa and John for looking after them so well, we couldn't wish for a better a home for them.

Sunday 8 February 2009

Introducing Mini-Mishka

We wanted to introduce one of our newest editions to the family, nicknamed Mini-Mishka, her proud parents are QGC Alexandrite Angelus Mishka and Alexandrite Ariana.
Mini-Mishka reminds us so much of her dad as a baby!
She has a brother who is black silver (Hector) and a sister who is solid black (Little bear), all very adorable.


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