Sunday 22 February 2009

Introducing Alexandrite Illyana Mentobe

Beautiful Illyana aka Illy Willy Woo has gone to live with Mark and Susie Harris and their Birman family, where she is spoilt rotten and thoroughly loved by everyone. Illyana is a brown and white tabby with a sparkling personality and loves to get up to mischief but I am convinced it is the Birmans who show her what to do! Illy has a new best friend called Miu Miu and they love to play together and cuddle when all worn out.

We have made great new friends with Mark and Susie and we met up at a local show the other week where they showed us some new photos of Illy she looked adorable and more like her mum Boo Boo. So I asked for copies so that I could show everyone how gorgeous she looks.
I hope you agree...

See Illyana and her super family at the
Mentobe website

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