Sunday 25 July 2010

Mystique's Boys

A couple of short videos taken last weekend of Mystique's boys play fighting!
Mystique was being a bit camera shy...

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Mystique's babies

Finally some photos of Mystique's two boys, they were 7 weeks old yesterday. The time has flown and they are our typical kittens and into everything!!

Alexandrite Hero - Black Smoke and White boy, very sweet boy just like his Dad Mishka.
Status: Optioned

Alexandrite Hercules - Black Silver Mackerel Tabby and White boy, he is a huge boy already and very sweet natured, and loves to explore.

Ariana's babies

More kitten photos this time of Ariana's little ones, the kittens are 4 and half weeks and growing too fast!!

Alexandrite Mozart - Blue Tabby boy, loves his food like his sister Amadea but he is a bit of a mummy's boy!

Alexandrite Amadea - Black Golden Classic Tabby girl, she is very pretty with a huge tummy!!
Status: Reserved

Alexandrite Kassia - Black Silver Classic Tabby girl, very sweet girl just like her mum.
Status: Optioned

Alexandrite Ella - Brown Mackerel Tabby girl, we think she is going to be a scamp like her mum. She has an impish look about her...

Serafina's Baby Boy

A couple of photos of Serafina's little baby boy Alexandrite Jupiter. At the moment we aren't sure if his Black Smoke as another of our kittens was just the same at his age and as he grew he got darker and darker. If he isn't he is definitely a Black Silver Tabby!

He is just 4 weeks old and starting to explore more. I feel a bit sad for him because there is only him on his own hopefully
when he is a bit bigger he will be able to mix with Mystique's two boys.

Alexandrite Jupiter - Black Silver Tabby boy, our little Teddy bear!

Sunday 4 July 2010

Paavo watching TV!!

I wanted to post this short video of Paavo watching TV it shows off his great lovable personality, this is his favourite seating position and sometimes because his life is so busy he even falls asleep like this!!

I will be updating the blog with kitten photos soon...