Tuesday 30 June 2009

TICA International Winner SGC Cooncreole Paavo

After the exciting and wonderful news of Paavo receiving a Regional Win for his first year shown at TICA, tonight we received confirmation of his INTERNATIONAL WIN!!!


Way to go Paavo!! You star x

A big thank you to D
iane for showing him in the USA and for sending him to us. The only sad note is that Judy isn't here to see it, but I am sure she is watching over him with pride x

Saturday 27 June 2009

TICA Regional Winner SGC Cooncreole Paavo

Very exciting news yesterday, we had confirmation of Paavo's Regional Win from Martin Wood Director of Northern Europe TICA.

Paavo achieved


For TICA Northern Europe Regional Awards 2008-2009


Wednesday 24 June 2009

Drusilla's Kittens

Not sure if I updated the blog with news of Drusilla's kittens, well we have 4 beautiful girls, all silver Siberians and ever so cute (except at 5am when they think it is a great time to play in the room adjoining our bedroom!)

I will be updating the blog soon with photos of them, I have been trying to decide on names that fit their individual little characters, finally decided on them tonight. Picking their names isn't something I like to rush into when they are first born, because it isn't until they are around 2-3 weeks old you start to see their personalities flourish.

These are Drusilla's first kittens and the birth went very well 4 little ones born in 40 minutes, we think that is some record. She is doing a wonderful job as mum and the dad is TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Cimus.

PS Anuta's bubbas have now all been adopted x

Gemini's New Arrivals

We had the delight of new babies arriving on Sunday, Gemini gave birth to 2 colour point boys and 1 brown tortie and white girl.

Gemini was an absolute star and needed no help from us, we are so very proud of you Gemini.

These are our firsts on both count! Our first little colour points and our very first tortie!

I am sure they will be just as cute as mum Gemini, and as handsome as dad Phoenix. We can't wait to see the little bubbas grow, but we don't want it to be too quick!

So it was a very big week for Gemini, it was her first birthday and her first babies! Happy Birthday Gemini and well done on becoming a Mum x

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Gemini's Baby Scan

With Willow's babies now off on their big adventures in their new homes, I wanted to add a very special picture to our blog!

It is a picture of Gemini's babies still in her tummy, we wanted to check how things were going with Gemini and the babies so we took her along to the vets for a scan. She was so good and purred the whole time and we got to see the baby Gemini's which is so amazing. To see the little ones moving about and the hearts beating is just fantastic. I really could just watch them all day!

The only thing the scan doesn't tell you is are they going to be as naughty as their naughty, tortie mum!! We will just have to wait and see...

Gemini's babies should be due in a week or so, we will have all paws and fingers crossed for her x

Sunday 14 June 2009

Anuta's Babies

Finally a little bit of time to squeeze in updating the blog with some photos of Anuta's babies and they are really cute. We just love these babies, all silver tabbies. Anuta and Cimus you make us very proud. I love the one of Anuta and Pascha, he is fast asleep while Anuta watches over him.

  • First off we have Alexandrite Pascha, he is very handsome, he just loves having his photo taken! I think he will rival his dad in a couple of years, but I am sure Cimus won't mind.
  • Next we have Alexandrite Picasso, he is slightly darker than his brother but very handsome too! We have loads of fun with him chasing the feather toys.

  • Then we have the two girls, Alexandrite Pushkin. She is so pretty just like her mum Anuta, but she seems to be a bit more naughty than Anuta!

  • Last but not least we have Alexandrite Porsha, she is so very sweet. Porsha loves to follow her mum everywhere!

I have taken a number of reservations for Anuta's beautiful babies, at the moment pretty Pushkin has already found her forever home. So I will be contacting everyone asap, if preferences can't be matched a kitten may become available from this litter at a later date. I will update the blog when I have news.

Saturday 13 June 2009

Willow's babies - New homes

Well it has been awhile and it is now that time again for the babies to go to their new homes, it is a happy and sad time for us. It is lovely to meet the babies new parents but sad to see the bundle of mischiefs go. Very mixed feelings for us here, but we know for sure they will be loved and they give so much fun and love back, we can't ask for any more.

It was Neo and Reese's turn today, they went together which is just brilliant for us and them, and Kelly their new mum has already texted me to let me know they are settling well and have had a play and were now sleeping. What a day for them!
Thank you for looking after them both x

Zak and Zuri go tomorrow with Yasmin on Tuesday, all off to their new adventures!