Wednesday 24 June 2009

Drusilla's Kittens

Not sure if I updated the blog with news of Drusilla's kittens, well we have 4 beautiful girls, all silver Siberians and ever so cute (except at 5am when they think it is a great time to play in the room adjoining our bedroom!)

I will be updating the blog soon with photos of them, I have been trying to decide on names that fit their individual little characters, finally decided on them tonight. Picking their names isn't something I like to rush into when they are first born, because it isn't until they are around 2-3 weeks old you start to see their personalities flourish.

These are Drusilla's first kittens and the birth went very well 4 little ones born in 40 minutes, we think that is some record. She is doing a wonderful job as mum and the dad is TICA Quadruple Grand Champion Cimus.

PS Anuta's bubbas have now all been adopted x

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