Saturday 21 August 2010

Drusilla and Paavo Kittens - baby Potsters!!!

Well just over 3 weeks ago we had the excitement of our first Paavo babies aka baby Potsters!

Paavo and Drusilla have made us very proud. Drusilla had 3 boys, all silver and 2 with white. They are growing into fat babies who are just as handsome as dad. I haven't got names for the boys yet as I want to see their characters first. But here are some photos of the cute boys taken yesterday...

Silver and white boy (no 1)

Silver and White Tabby boy (no 2)

Silver Tabby boy

Ariana's Beautiful Kittens

It's been awhile and the little ones are all doing well, so here are some new photos of Ariana's little bunch or should I say scamps!!

We are still looking for homes for two of Ariana's girls so if you think you can offer one of these sweet
girls a home please email me at

Both girls are very playful, Kassia is a complete scamp and Amadeariana loves collecting toys to take back to their kitten room.

Alexandrite Kassia - (Available) Silver Cla
ssic Tabby girl

Alexandrite Amadeariana - (Available) Silver/Gold Classic Tabby girl

Alexandrite Ella - (Reserved) Brown Tabby girl

Alexandrite Mozart - (Reserved) Blue Tabby boy