Sunday 22 December 2013

Alexandrite Kitten in Amanda Holden's New Book!!

A few weeks ago on a shopping trip with my mum we spotted Amanda Holden's new book and we were curious to check out the photos. Well it was a lovely surprise to see a photo of Alexandrite Angelus Mishka and Astera Pantera's baby girl Muffy with Amanda's cute daughter Lexi.

Amanda, her husband Chris and daughter Lexi came to our home to collect Muffy. They were all lovely and once Lexi saw her kitten, she cuddled her just like in the photo and wouldn't let her go. So to see her still cuddling her like that very first day (3 years ago) just made us both fill with pride.

A big Thank You to Amanda for adding the photo to the book it reminded us at a time when I in particular felt low about breeding that it is all worth it and the lovely emails and photos we get from all Alexandrite families is why we carry on.

This was also one of our success stories for allergy sufferers as Amanda's husband Chris suffers with cat allergies but he's fine with Muffy.

And thanks to my mum for treating me to Amanda's book.

Monday 9 December 2013

Alexandrite Azazeal Mishka

Alexandrite Azazeal Mishka is a handsome Black Smoke Siberian and is named after his dad Mishka and his uncle Azazeal aka Grumpy. This handsome chap is only a year old and is a chunk of a boy. We all call him Little Grumps in loving memory of his uncle and because he is so like him. We kept both him and his sister Anuta's Ekho, who like her brother is a big girl and just as sweet. I don't think anyone would have believed that awkward long legged kitten would be such a striking boy now but we knew he would be. With a dad like Mishka and uncle Grumpy how else could he turn out!