Thursday 30 July 2009

Drusilla's Kittens - looking for forever homes

Some new photos of Drusilla's beautiful baby girls, Dior, Dasha and Daisee are looking for their forever homes. The girls are so very sweet and just love to play. It was difficult getting the photos tonight because they just wanted to scamp!

The girls are 10 weeks old and get up to a lot of mischief while we are at work. If we forget to put the kitchen roll out of reach, well they have a fun afternoon checking it all for any holes, or do they add the holes...

While we were away Andy's mum said they liked to help out by checking the roll for holes! My mum also found they had one afternoon tried out my make up! Well girls will be girls...

It has been strange this year, we have had girls and everyone has wanted boys, last year everyone wanted girls and we had boys, oh well we do try and talk to the girls about requests but it just doesn't seem to work that way.

So if you think you can offer one of these lovely girls a home, please contact me on 01270 569358 or email me:

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Back from holiday with special delivery!!!

Well we are of course back from our holiday, or should I say tour of America, which included 5 nights in Boston, 2 nights in Dallas and 1 night in New York! And we are very excited to announce the arrival of our very special new member of the family who we went to collect all the way from Dallas, Texas.

After so many plans and waiting for what seemed forever at times, we finally got there and on Tuesday last week we met our very special girl Astera Pantera, from the distinguished cattery Astera and the lovely owner Victoriya Foster, who is herself from Siberia.

Pantera is exactly how we imagined she would be and it was a delight to bring her home with us. Pantera is a descendant from Siberia itself and we are so very lucky that Victoriya has let us adopt this very special girl.

I will be posting photos soon of Pantera, she is very beautiful just like her mum Huntress and I want to tell Pantera's story. We had a wonderful time visiting Victoriya and Bruce, and it was shame it was only a short visit but we had our family here to get back too. And I think our parents would have gone mad if we had gone for longer!

We also had a visit from Pantera's Grandfather, Yenisey while we were in Boston, his lovely owner Leika very kindly brought him to our hotel for us to meet him. And he is a superstar, a big cuddly handsome man. He was so very friendly and loved being in the hotel. What a dude!

We would both like to say a big Thank you to Victoriya and Bruce for entrusting Pantera too us and for all the hardwork on sorting out the mountain of paperwork which was just perfect. And thank you for introducing us to your wonderful family, all stunning Siberians. It was hard for Victoriya to let Pantera go but there is no doubt she will be loved here and always cuddled.

And a big Thank you to both our Mum's and Dad's for looking after our family while we were gone without you the trip wouldn't have been possible.

Monday 20 July 2009

Drusilla's kittens

Here are some new photos of Drusilla's cute baby girls who are still looking for their forever homes.
We have:
  • Alexandrite Dior, she is so sweet and always immaculate. Dior has started to get your attention by stretching up and putting her front paws on your leg. It is so cute
  • Alexandrite Dasha, who is paler each day and will be so like Cimus when she is older. I thought Dasha was the quieter one in the litter but she is the first to explore new surroundings. I think she just isn't quite as boisterous as Daisee when we all play together she would rather explore!
  • Alexandrite Daisee, the biggest girl in the litter by a little bit and ever so scampy. She loves to play and is a great jumper trying to catch the toys.

The photos were taken at 9 weeks of age. These girls are so very cute and like pea's out of the same pod! We are all going to miss them when they leave us.

The girls will be ready to go to their new homes middle of August, please contact me for details

Sunday 19 July 2009

Introducing Tomintoul's Dreamgirl Santa Fe

I have been meaning to do this for a while now, so here goes, introducing Tomintoul's Dreamgirl Santa Fe...and she is a Dreamgirl.

Fe is from the fantastic cattery Tomintoul's located in Holland.
Fe is a black silver torbie and white Siberian. We have been very lucky to welcome Fe into our home and we are very grateful to Angela for letting her come to live with us and big thanks to Maria for starting the ball rolling and to Hilde, Angela's friend for looking after Fe while she waited on her pets passport.

Fe's parents are the very handsome Champion Tomintoul's Pa Barcardi on the Rocks (Black silver mackerel tabby) and the beautiful Champi
on Sibirientaigas Yentle (Golden torbie white).

It all started in May 2008, I had always admired Angela's Barcardi and Yentle so it was wonderful news to find out that they had
just had kittens. This is when we first saw the photos of Fe and I immediately fell in love. Of course, Angela wanted to see how Fe developed and it wasn't until July 2008 Angela was happy for us to adopt her.

we did and Angela sent us updates and photos on how Fe was doing and then in August 2008 Fe went to live with Angela's friend Hilde and Hilde took some great photos and it was lovely to see how she was doing.

When we went to pick Fe up, it was lovely to meet Angela, Cajo and Hilde. Hilde and Angela were very sad to see her go and they gave us some wonderful presents for Fe in her new home. Hilde had also put together a photo album of Fe
growing up and stories about her, which is so sweet.

Fe is such a beautiful girl inside and out. Everyone who meets her com
ments on how sweet she is and how pretty she is. Fe has such a gentle nature and she has now made friends with Ariana and Phoenix thinks she is hot too!

We are so happy that Fe is a part of our family and can't wait to see how she matures and her future kittens. Phoenix definitely thinks Fe is his new girlfriend, boys are so fickle! So fingers crossed we may have the tiny patt
er of paws from Fe and Phoenix, but don't anyone tell Gemini...

Thank you again to Angela and Hilde, she is an astonishing girl and a pleasure to have in our home and a wonderful addition to the family. Here are some beautiful photos of Fe...

As you can see from these wonderful photos, Fe is such a unique character and has made many friends, big and small. There are so many beautiful photos of her that I could have put on the blog but I think this small selection shows off her super character and what a treat she is to have in our family.

Saturday 11 July 2009

Drusilla's Kittens

We have been very busy in our little household of late, we have Anuta's babies scamping around and Drusilla's little ones, as well as finishing off the kitchen (still waiting for the extractor to arrive, I now refer to it as the Unicorn, not convinced it actually exists!) and planning a very special trip for a very special delivery (more details to follow).

So before our special trip we got some photos of Drusilla's bubbas, all silver tabby girls and all absolutely adorable. Getting ready for work in a morning is difficult enough for me but now that I am sharing a dressing room with Drusilla and her babies it is more of a challenge. I just can't stop watching them scamp about and chase each other and mum Drusilla!

All four girls are still looking for their forever homes, so here they are...

  • Alexandrite Dekota - is a Silver spotted tabby, and has that wild look! She also has a very mischievous streak but she is also such a sweetie. The other day I was drying my hair which Drusilla isn't particular fond of so she hid in the kittening pen, while Dekota was running around. So because she could see her mum was a bit scared she ran up to her and gave her a kiss on the mouth, it was so sweet and it was as if to say "Don't be scared Mum it really is okay!"
  • Alexandrite Dasha - also Silver spotted tabby, but paler than Dekota. I think she will be as pale as her Dad Cimus as she gets older. Loves running up and down the stairs and was the first to escape out of the kittening pen. She is such a star, very cute!
  • Alexandrite Dior - is a Silver classic tabby and just as designer as her name. She loves to have fun with Dekota, but always looks just right. No scruffy look for Dior!
  • Alexandrite Daisee - is also a Silver classic tabby just like Dior, but she is losing some of the pattern as she grows, just like her mum did. She is a sweetie, again just like her mum.
If you think you can offer one of these lovely girls a loving, forever home, please email ( I will try and reply to emails but at the moment I am having a bit trouble sending emails while on our special trip, hopefully should get it sorted soon!

Drusilla's girls will be able to go to their new homes mid August.

(photos were taken @ 7 weeks of age)