Sunday 19 July 2009

Introducing Tomintoul's Dreamgirl Santa Fe

I have been meaning to do this for a while now, so here goes, introducing Tomintoul's Dreamgirl Santa Fe...and she is a Dreamgirl.

Fe is from the fantastic cattery Tomintoul's located in Holland.
Fe is a black silver torbie and white Siberian. We have been very lucky to welcome Fe into our home and we are very grateful to Angela for letting her come to live with us and big thanks to Maria for starting the ball rolling and to Hilde, Angela's friend for looking after Fe while she waited on her pets passport.

Fe's parents are the very handsome Champion Tomintoul's Pa Barcardi on the Rocks (Black silver mackerel tabby) and the beautiful Champi
on Sibirientaigas Yentle (Golden torbie white).

It all started in May 2008, I had always admired Angela's Barcardi and Yentle so it was wonderful news to find out that they had
just had kittens. This is when we first saw the photos of Fe and I immediately fell in love. Of course, Angela wanted to see how Fe developed and it wasn't until July 2008 Angela was happy for us to adopt her.

we did and Angela sent us updates and photos on how Fe was doing and then in August 2008 Fe went to live with Angela's friend Hilde and Hilde took some great photos and it was lovely to see how she was doing.

When we went to pick Fe up, it was lovely to meet Angela, Cajo and Hilde. Hilde and Angela were very sad to see her go and they gave us some wonderful presents for Fe in her new home. Hilde had also put together a photo album of Fe
growing up and stories about her, which is so sweet.

Fe is such a beautiful girl inside and out. Everyone who meets her com
ments on how sweet she is and how pretty she is. Fe has such a gentle nature and she has now made friends with Ariana and Phoenix thinks she is hot too!

We are so happy that Fe is a part of our family and can't wait to see how she matures and her future kittens. Phoenix definitely thinks Fe is his new girlfriend, boys are so fickle! So fingers crossed we may have the tiny patt
er of paws from Fe and Phoenix, but don't anyone tell Gemini...

Thank you again to Angela and Hilde, she is an astonishing girl and a pleasure to have in our home and a wonderful addition to the family. Here are some beautiful photos of Fe...

As you can see from these wonderful photos, Fe is such a unique character and has made many friends, big and small. There are so many beautiful photos of her that I could have put on the blog but I think this small selection shows off her super character and what a treat she is to have in our family.

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  1. Ohhh she is ever so pretty! I love her soft tortie colours- a very pretty mix. And what a character! Love the pics of her with the huge dog and her relaxing on the banister! I also love seeing her grow up through the photos- very cool.

    Xx Melanie