Monday 20 July 2009

Drusilla's kittens

Here are some new photos of Drusilla's cute baby girls who are still looking for their forever homes.
We have:
  • Alexandrite Dior, she is so sweet and always immaculate. Dior has started to get your attention by stretching up and putting her front paws on your leg. It is so cute
  • Alexandrite Dasha, who is paler each day and will be so like Cimus when she is older. I thought Dasha was the quieter one in the litter but she is the first to explore new surroundings. I think she just isn't quite as boisterous as Daisee when we all play together she would rather explore!
  • Alexandrite Daisee, the biggest girl in the litter by a little bit and ever so scampy. She loves to play and is a great jumper trying to catch the toys.

The photos were taken at 9 weeks of age. These girls are so very cute and like pea's out of the same pod! We are all going to miss them when they leave us.

The girls will be ready to go to their new homes middle of August, please contact me for details

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