Saturday 11 July 2009

Drusilla's Kittens

We have been very busy in our little household of late, we have Anuta's babies scamping around and Drusilla's little ones, as well as finishing off the kitchen (still waiting for the extractor to arrive, I now refer to it as the Unicorn, not convinced it actually exists!) and planning a very special trip for a very special delivery (more details to follow).

So before our special trip we got some photos of Drusilla's bubbas, all silver tabby girls and all absolutely adorable. Getting ready for work in a morning is difficult enough for me but now that I am sharing a dressing room with Drusilla and her babies it is more of a challenge. I just can't stop watching them scamp about and chase each other and mum Drusilla!

All four girls are still looking for their forever homes, so here they are...

  • Alexandrite Dekota - is a Silver spotted tabby, and has that wild look! She also has a very mischievous streak but she is also such a sweetie. The other day I was drying my hair which Drusilla isn't particular fond of so she hid in the kittening pen, while Dekota was running around. So because she could see her mum was a bit scared she ran up to her and gave her a kiss on the mouth, it was so sweet and it was as if to say "Don't be scared Mum it really is okay!"
  • Alexandrite Dasha - also Silver spotted tabby, but paler than Dekota. I think she will be as pale as her Dad Cimus as she gets older. Loves running up and down the stairs and was the first to escape out of the kittening pen. She is such a star, very cute!
  • Alexandrite Dior - is a Silver classic tabby and just as designer as her name. She loves to have fun with Dekota, but always looks just right. No scruffy look for Dior!
  • Alexandrite Daisee - is also a Silver classic tabby just like Dior, but she is losing some of the pattern as she grows, just like her mum did. She is a sweetie, again just like her mum.
If you think you can offer one of these lovely girls a loving, forever home, please email ( I will try and reply to emails but at the moment I am having a bit trouble sending emails while on our special trip, hopefully should get it sorted soon!

Drusilla's girls will be able to go to their new homes mid August.

(photos were taken @ 7 weeks of age)


  1. Gorgeous kittens Jo! I love Daisee- what a gorgeous girl :-)

  2. Beautiful girls Jo. You must be very very proud, Dior makes me smile...what a little superstar she looks :-)