Tuesday 21 July 2009

Back from holiday with special delivery!!!

Well we are of course back from our holiday, or should I say tour of America, which included 5 nights in Boston, 2 nights in Dallas and 1 night in New York! And we are very excited to announce the arrival of our very special new member of the family who we went to collect all the way from Dallas, Texas.

After so many plans and waiting for what seemed forever at times, we finally got there and on Tuesday last week we met our very special girl Astera Pantera, from the distinguished cattery Astera and the lovely owner Victoriya Foster, who is herself from Siberia.

Pantera is exactly how we imagined she would be and it was a delight to bring her home with us. Pantera is a descendant from Siberia itself and we are so very lucky that Victoriya has let us adopt this very special girl.

I will be posting photos soon of Pantera, she is very beautiful just like her mum Huntress and I want to tell Pantera's story. We had a wonderful time visiting Victoriya and Bruce, and it was shame it was only a short visit but we had our family here to get back too. And I think our parents would have gone mad if we had gone for longer!

We also had a visit from Pantera's Grandfather, Yenisey while we were in Boston, his lovely owner Leika very kindly brought him to our hotel for us to meet him. And he is a superstar, a big cuddly handsome man. He was so very friendly and loved being in the hotel. What a dude!

We would both like to say a big Thank you to Victoriya and Bruce for entrusting Pantera too us and for all the hardwork on sorting out the mountain of paperwork which was just perfect. And thank you for introducing us to your wonderful family, all stunning Siberians. It was hard for Victoriya to let Pantera go but there is no doubt she will be loved here and always cuddled.

And a big Thank you to both our Mum's and Dad's for looking after our family while we were gone without you the trip wouldn't have been possible.

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