Monday 8 December 2014


Contrary to any gossip that is going around we have not yet stopped breeding Siberians. Another breeder who we have no contact with whatsoever is spreading a rumour that we have already stopped breeding Siberians. This is not true!

We are due to my health finding homes for some of our retired girls and next year boys but for the time being we do still have kittens and will have kittens available early to mid January and then in February. We will decide in the new year what our plans will then be for any further Siberian kittens. Please contact us on for information about our kittens and do not listen to what other breeders have to say on the matter. Thank you

And for cute factor, here's some of our current gorgeous Siberian kittens...

KITTEN AVAILABILITY. Only one girl left in Jomos litter a Blue Silver Tabby, Little Jo. She is beautiful just like her mum Jomo and has her chunkiness. Little Jo will be ready to go weekend 27-28th December. We are not sure if she is suitable for allergy sufferers. Please email or call in the evening 01270569358.

Update: Little Jo has now been reserved. 15th December 2014

Please contact us also for kitten availability in Lorelei litter, who will be ready to go mid January. 

Saturday 8 November 2014

The Future....

Due to my ongoing health issues and following the advice of our doctor we will be reducing and potentially stopping breeding our beautiful Siberians in the next few months. With this in mind we have a number of girls looking for retirement homes. We have created a list and Andy is organising photos. Please email us if you would like more details of the girls we have available.

Current and Future Kittens

We do have 3 lovely girls looking for homes called Lily, Angie and Zari. The girls have had vet checks and vaccinations. All three are lovely sweet girls. There are photos of the girls on the Available Kittens page here on the blog. 

UPDATE 17-11-2014 - Lily has now gone to her new home with Mojo. They really did make a beautiful pair of Brown Classics. Both Angie and Zari are off for new adventures next weekend. They are going together which is lovely for them. 

Our last kittens of 2014 will be ready to go around Christmas time and all are super kittens, with friendly temperaments. We will then have kittens to go early Spring 2015 after that we do not know at this time and we will probably make a decision in the next couple months where we go next. Please email if you would like to register an interest in our last kittens of 2014 or if you would like to meet Lily, Angie or Zari.

Saturday 18 October 2014

Alexandrite Kittens go Global!

WOW! Well we couldn't believe this photo when we saw it but yes that's our Alexandrite kittens on a home decor cushion in Holland!! 

Thank you to Maria for seeing it and tagging us on Facebook so I could share it on our blog. 

The photo was taken by Krissi Lundgren in 2007 and was of Willows and Cimus litter. 

Here is the cushion in the shop

Alexandrite Kiitens on cushion

And some more images after I found it on the shop website 

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

The cushion in close up!

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

And they've even added our gorgeous Alexandrite kittens to another cushion

Alexandrite Kittens Cushion

This is so amazingly awesome. The best news to finish up a Saturday!

Thank you again to Maria you are a true friend.

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Siberian Kitten Update

We have available beautiful Alexandrite Lily who is a Brown Classic Tabby and White. Lily is ready to go now and is looking for a family to share some new adventures with. Her sister has gone to her new home. Lily loves playing and we think she is missing having her sister to play with. Lily is just 4 months old and we were tempted to keep her but with me still recovering from my operation and general poor health we think it would be best for Lily to go to a pet home where she can have lots of fun. If you think you would like to arrange to meet Lily please email

We do not know if Lily will be suitable for anyone with allergies or asthma. If you do have any medical conditions which could be affected by owning a cat then we strongly recommend taking the advice of your doctor. Not everything that is on the internet about Siberians and allergies is proven scientific fact please see our FAQs for more information on allergies. The trauma of a kitten or adult going to a new home and then being returned due to a bad allergy or asthma attack is very upsetting for all parties involved.  

Saturday 6 September 2014

Alexandrite Siberians - More Awards!

With so much going on here we missed posting how AWESOME our boys are!!

A few weeks ago we received some post from TICA and inside were these two certificates. 

Alexandrite Akiro Award 2014

This is Alexandrite Akiro's Award for the show season, and we are so proud of him. He's already received BEST SIBERIAN Alter 3 years ago and this year he only went to a few shows so this just shows how amazing he is. 

He was also 8th Best Alter in the Region and another Regional Win to add to his previous Regional Win when he was BEST Siberian and last year his International Win of 14th BEST Alter in the World and BEST ALTER in the Region. Phew! That's a lot of Awards! 

This means INTERNATIONAL WINNER, and Twice REGIONAL WINNER Awards all adds up to 


IW, RW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro is the FIRST UK BRED SIBERIAN to qualify for this AWARD and we are so proud we could burst! 

Alexandrite Akiro has achieved some amazing Awards over the years and he's done this without going to every show or going overseas! He really is just the BEST SIBERIAN you could wish or hope to breed and everyone who meets him loves his laid back attitude to life. We have sent off his photo for the TICA Yearbook again and can't wait for his next Award to arrive. Jo is hoping to get everything together when she's well enough. 

We still remember that cute little kitten of 4 weeks old with his breathtaking blue eyes and cheeky character, always wanting cuddles in exchange for purrs and head butts. We knew he was AWESOME and he proved to the World he was AWESOME too!

Alexandrite Kimball Award 2014

We also recovered an Award for Alexandrite Kimball of BEST Seal Lynx Tabby Point Siberian of the Year

This goes with his Regional Win too. A fantastic achievement for a boy who was first shown last December at only 10 months old! 

We also received news another of our boys was fabulous too Alexandrite Kingslayer, affectionately known as Jamie or the Jamster was BEST SIBERIAN KITTEN in the Region. This reminds us of those many years ago when Kimball's Great Grandfather QGC Alexandrite Angelus Mishka was BEST SIBERIAN KITTEN in 2006/2007

Yes! We really have been showing successfully for that long! 

It is just more proof that Alexandrite Siberians are TOTALLY AMAZING!

Blog post by two very, very proud parents, Jo & Andy

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Available Kittens and Adults

Just a short update while Jo recovers from her operation last week. Hopefully Jo will be well enough soon to update the blog as it's not my favourite job! And answer emails, not keen on that job either! Due to the operation it is difficult for her to answer the phone too but hopefully Jo will feel well enough soon. 

Over the next few days we will post the kittens and adults we have available. First photo is off Alexandrite Pippin and her mum Coco Pops. Pippin is a lovely warm Brown Classic Tabby and her mum is also Brown tabby but spotted. 

Pippin is a character and has such an adorable temperament with lots of mischief! 

Her mum Coco Pops is very sweet too and has done a fabulous job with Pippin. 

We would ideally love for the girls to go together as we are retiring Coco Pops who is now 3 years old. Both Pippin and her mum will be ready to go end of September. 

A Siberian mum and her kitten is a great way to have two Siberians without as much cost involved as two kittens. As with Pippin and her mum they are also best friends and do everything together. They each are constantly looking for the other one and Pippin always want to be wherever her mum is. 

If this isn't an option for you but you are interested in either of the girls or you think you can handle both bundles of cuddles and mischief please email 

Update - 7th October 2014 both Coco Pops and Pippin have gone to their new home together for their next big adventure!

We also have available Mojo, who is a sweet girl and looking for a lovely home to share her life with. Mojo is ready to go to her new home as she has already been spayed and microchipped. Mojo is 3 years old. 

With Jo still recovering and my job very busy at the moment evening is the best time to call to chat about Mojo, Pippin and Coco Pops. Please call the homeline 01270 569358 as we have a very poor mobile reception. 

Thanks, Andy.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Alexandrite Siberians Update

Yikes! It looks like all of our current available kittens have now been adopted and we only have available one young adult. Both Marishka and Raphael have now been adopted. We still have available Mojo who is very sweet but a bit quiet and might be shy at first but she is looking for a new family to love and share the sofa with. 

Mojo is a gorgeous warm Brown Classic Tabby and has a sweet look when she doesn't have a Mojo frown! 

Her full name is Alexandrite Morganna but is known as Mojo.

Here are some recent photos of her. I think you can see her gorgeous green eyes. 

Mojo is 3 years old and is ready to go to her new home as she has already been spayed. 

Please email for more information or to arrange to visit. 

Please only serious enquiries to see Mojo we don't have any kittens available to view at this time. 

We will have limited availability from week beginning 25th August due to an operation I will be having. So I will be unable to arrange visits or emails for a couple of weeks or so after the operation. Andy will be busy with work and looking after us all so he probably won't have time to help out with emails or blog updates. 

We are hoping for kittens later next month and over the last few weeks we have been making plans for our late summer-autumn kittens. We breed Siberians as a hobby but it takes an awful lot of work and planning, sometimes it seems we are just constantly planning and rearranging home life to make sure we spend as much time with each litter as we can. We are really sorry if anyone missed out on a kitten this time we were hoping we would have kittens available but a couple of kittens went in pairs so all kittens were soon reserved. We love kits going together as it's really nice for them and their new families. If you can't have two kittens it's worth considering an older Siberian and a kitten. 

We've just heard back from Jenks new family who reserved one of Gems kittens and Jenks is now making friends with cuddly Rufus. It was lovely to hear how they were both doing and families who are willing to adopt an older Siberian it really is a lovely introduction to owning a Siberian cat. And you can then add to the family with a kitten after all we all know Siberians are addictive!

Monday 23 June 2014

Siberians Available

Andy took these quick photos of Marishka enjoying the sun the other day. Marishka has been spayed and is looking for a retirement home. 

Marishka has a super character and is very playful but loves to sit on a lap in an evening. She is one of our Siberians who enjoys sitting on a knee. If you think you can offer a knee for Marishka to sleep on then please email

Marishka is 2 years old and a lovely spotted Brown tabby and White. 

Ralph has now been reserved and will be going to his new home early July. 

We are also looking for a home for Mojo (photo below). Mojo is a little bit quiet but is a sweet girl and has been a super mum here. 

Mojo is 3 years old and a gorgeous warm Brown Classic tabby. 

Both girls are ready to go to their new homes and are looking forward to their next adventures. 

Please email or call (evening is a good time to call 01270569358) if you would like to arrange to meet Marishka or Mojo. 

We would love to keep all our girls but it's not fair on them and they deserve that one to one relationship which is difficult to achieve in a multi cat environment. Please do not think it is easy for us to let our girls go, we have spent a great deal of time with them and love them both but we have to do what is best for them. So finding homes where they are the only cat or part of a smaller family is the best thing for them. Please only genuine enquiries, if you arrange to see the girls we will not have kittens available to view. 

Monday 9 June 2014

Siberian Kittens and Adults

Well it's a bit quieter here but still lots to do as I am behind with sorting out kitten photos and sending out to families on the Waiting List and Enquiry List. This was due to a bad week for me last week with my usual issues and a generous number of migraines! Why have one when you can have three! So I was pretty useless last week. I know it sounds lame but it was a difficult week and I'm sorry I've not got photos sorted yet. Hopefully won't be long and we think they are worth the wait. 

We are also evaluating a few in Gems litter for possible breed or show so kittens might become available at a later stage. If you see a breeder does have kittens available please don't feel pressured by other breeders that these breeders aren't any good or they should be avoided. There seems to be some scare tactics going around which I think is pretty poor show of the breeders who are doing it. We do sometimes have kittens available due to changes here or where they were going. It is not a bad reflection on the kitten or us. It just means things happen or the kittens were so damn fabulous we couldn't make our mind up quick enough! 

So for a quick update, all kittens are doing well and they all show such amazing different characters. They are so fun to watch and play with. We forget how young they are as they are exploring outside their kitten room and tackling the stairs. There will be no stopping them now!

Alexandrite SiberiansThis little guy, well not so little anymore will be going to his new family at the weekend. He is such a happy guy and we will miss him but hopefully he will have lots of new adventures. Spook will have to make do with his mum, Andy and I to play with. Unfortunately neither Andy or I are very good at chase around the sofa ;)

We are also looking for homes for a couple of our retired girls, both Mojo and Marishka have been spayed and healing well. The girls have also been chipped and are just waiting for their new home to be treated like princesses. 

We also have a young boy Ralph who is looking for a home. He is a very handsome, striking silver classic and white. Ralph has been a stud here and we had some gorgeous kittens from him. And compared to some of the breeding boys I've seen recently in the UK he is one hell of a good looking Siberian but he is a quiet gentle giant and we both feel a life on the sofa in a less busy household is more suited to his needs. At the end of the day, yes he is a stunning boy and has been a great dad but his needs come first. So if you aren't looking for a Siberian kitten or would like company for a kitten a young adult is a great choice. I will be updating the blog page Available Alexandrite Siberians and Kittens with photos this week of the adults and I will be sending out photos of kittens to the families on our waiting list first and then our enquiry list. If you have any questions about our young adults or kittens please email for more details. 

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Alexandrite Siberian Kittens

Just a quick update to say thank you to all the families who have signed up to the enquiry form. I have sent out a Welcome email to everyone.

I just need to say and I really hope to have not given the impression I don't like emails. That's not the case I've just found it hard to keep track of everyone's preferences. If you have any extra information or questions which aren't covered by the Welcome email and the FAQs on the blog then please email me, you can reply to the Welcome email that uses the main Alexandrite email address. 

Alexandrite Siberians

The kittens are doing well and are all being weaned now on to solids. Where have the last few weeks gone?!

Andy is hoping to get photos in the next week or so. We will then decide who is available at that point, some kittens might be kept as "under assessment" while we see how they develop. This means the kitten could be staying here but they could become available at a later stage. 

This lovely photo is of little Dottie (as we call her) I think it's another great photo taken by Andy. Dottie and her siblings have all been reserved and will be going off to their new homes in just over a week. We will miss these little monkeys!

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Alexandrite Siberians Kitten News

Just a couple of gorgeous photos of all our kittens who have now found homes. Andy took a load on Sunday and I could have posted them all to the blog. It must be a combination of gorgeous Siberian Kittens and Andy being so fabulous with the camera. It's lovely though to be able to sends lots of cute kitten photos out to families. 

I love how Andy manages to capture great shots of their personalities and the one of Pantera's with her handsome Blue and White boy with a look enough to say "How many girls do I live with?!", is so funny. 

The time seems to have flown by and we can't believe they will be going off to new homes soon. Vet checks and vaccinations went well so it's just paperwork to print before they go off on their next big adventure. 

Kitten News
We have had the arrival of our Spring/Summer kittens and we've had the surprise of a super litter of gorgeous Lynx (Tabby) Points. It's hard to tell quite yet but some are with White. 

At first looks we have some promising looking kittens and the last time I felt like this the little kitten in question went on to be the FIRST UK bred Siberian to achieve the TICA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Title. That's only awarded with an International Win and two Regional Wins over a 3 year period. This really is an amazing achievement so we know this litter has potential and with this in mind Andy and I are open to a kitten going for breeding or show. Please contact us via the enquiry form and once we have more details and photos we will be contacting families on the list. You can also email or call us but please still complete the form. 

We also have Silver and White tabbies so a gorgeous rainbow of colours this year. 

Retired Girls and Young Adult Available
This year we will retiring some of gorgeous girls. We will have a mixture of Brown and Silver Tabbies. All Siberian Adults will be neutered and vet checked. If you think you would love to be owned by a Siberian and don't want the kitten phase or want an adult first to add to at a later stage. This is a great way to fall in love with the Siberian breed. Retired Siberians have a lot to offer and at the end of the day all kittens end up adults, some of ours seem to grow too quick and are soon adult size, look at Kimball and Jamie and Akiro and going back to the beginning Mishka. All big boys at 5 - 6 months of age so please don't be too quick to discount an older Siberian. You can sign up for hearing about any retired or young adults through the Enquiry List form attached to the blog. 

We are super happy to announce gorgeous Anjanka aka Jenks has found a new home not too far away with a lovely family. We thank them for giving Jenks an opportunity for a loving retirement home. Jenks is such a cuddly girl and we wish her new family lots of cuddles off Jenks in the future. 

Enquiry List Form
Thank you to everyone who has completed the form and I am planning to send out an email this week. I was hoping to sooner but last week wasn't great for me and when I don't feel well I'd rather spend time with kittens than doing emails. Well who wouldn't?! 

So thank you for being patient and we will be in touch very soon. 

Friday 2 May 2014

Kitten News & New Enquiry Form

Aren't we cute!!!

I couldn't resist posting these photos of Pantera's little ones all reaching for the toy. Andy really knows how to take fabulous photos of our Alexandrite Siberian Kittens but it's the mums and dads who make it easier for him by having such cute kittens. All of Pantera's kittens are now reserved but we have had some new babies arrive, details to follow soon.

To help us manage our future enquiries we have now created an additional page on the blog called "Alexandrite Enquiry List". This form will enable families to quickly complete their email and preferences eg We are looking for: a kitten, young adult or older Siberian. The form is then submitted to a program called MailChimp which we can then use to send out emails and at any point families can unsubscribe from receiving emails.

There really is one reason why we have done this and it's due to my ongoing health issues. I really don't know how I will be from one day to the next and since the start of the year I have had a number of bad flare ups. Due to me feeling so poorly we haven't been able to manage or respond to emails promptly and we both really hate that. We want to keep families updated but the old way is making this too difficult. So we really hope that everyone understands why we are doing this and will hopefully see the benefits in the future. This doesn't mean we won't reply to other emails on contrary we are hoping this gives us more opportunity to keep up to date with all emails.

Therefore if you have emailed us recently and would like to join our enquiry list, please go to our new page "Alexandrite Enquiry List" and complete your details and preferences. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Over the next year we are also looking for homes for some of our Siberian adults so if you think you would prefer a less boisterous Siberian, then a Siberian adult might be right for you. All adults are neutered and vet checked including an annual booster, flea and worm treatment.

Saturday 19 April 2014

Siberian Adult - Alexandrite Anyanka

Andy took these photos yesterday of our beautiful Anyanka a 7 year old Siberian, who has one of the most loving characters. Our friends Mim and Simon came over yesterday and Anyanka aka Jenks took full advantage of some extra knees for the day. She loved all the extra fussing and at one point was well literally glued to Simon's knee! It was so cute.

If you think you have enough love in your life to share some of it with Jenks, please email or call 01270569358.

Please only email to meet Anyanka if you are serious about an older cat. Jenks does have access to a safe enclosed outdoor space which she loves but she would be happy as an indoor only cat too. Jenks is up to date with her vaccine and flea/worm control. Jenks would be ok with a family with children but please remember and this goes for kittens too cats are not toys and they will only interact with you if they feel safe and loved.

UPDATE 19th May 2014 - Gorgeous Jenks has now gone to her new home.

Friday 18 April 2014

Happy Easter & Kitten Update

Andy and I and our furry family wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and share some lovely photos of Catalena and her baby girls.

We also wanted to update the blog with where we are with kittens and the Waiting List. Both Catalena's and Pantera's kittens have now all been reserved. We are waiting for our next litters to arrive and we will take a maximum of 4 families for the Waiting List. If you would like to reserve one of our kittens we do recommend joining the Waiting List as we have had to let families down this time who wanted one of Catalena's and Pantera's sweet kittens. Please remember if you do want to join the Waiting List and have specific preferences we cannot guarantee colour and gender. We always tell the girls the requests but they usually don't listen to us and sometimes we end up with the complete opposite!

It is a non-refundable deposit of £50 to join the Waiting List. When the kittens are born and once old enough for proper photos at around 4-6 weeks of age I work through the list in a chronological date order. I will then update the blog with any kittens still available. We cannot at this time accept families to the Waiting List who need to check allergies or who have had an allergy test at another breeders.

This year we will be retiring some of our lovely girls. This is really hard for us to do but it is better for them. We are also looking for a home for Alexandrite Raphael, he is 18 months old and a handsome Black Silver Classic and White. We still have available gorgeous Alexandrite Anyanka. Anyanka is very loveable and purrs continuously. She is 7 years old but you wouldn't know it to see her. For Jenks and our sake please only arrange to see Jenks if your are serious about an older Siberian. Please do not ask to visit any of adults if it is really a kitten you wanted. Please email for more information about our available adults or to join the Waiting List.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Kitten News

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted and Andy has been really busy looking after us all and running his own business. Thank you to everyone for the get well wishes. It's been very much appreciated and I'm sorry if I haven't responded to any emails.

We can announce Pantera's kittens have arrived safely and mum and babies are doing well. We have a mixture of blues and silvers with and without white as predicted. I will confirm details when first photos are taken in a couple of weeks if not sooner.

The photo is of Catalena and Mishkin's little ones. All girls are so adorable but incredibly adventurous! We keep forgetting how old they are and at only 4 weeks they are adventuring out onto the landing and getting in places no other litters have tried.

We have from left to right a Blue Silver Tabby and White girl, Blue Tabby and White girl and a Black Silver Tabby and White girl. A lovely mix of colours. This is Catalena's first litter and she is being a fabulous mum. The photo was taken at 3 weeks. The kittens eyes are blue at this stage but they will start to change soon and will be nice and green as adults. I'm hoping Andy will get chance to take some more photos this week as the girls look even sweeter now.

Both litters will first be made available to the families who have paid a deposit and are on the Waiting List. Any kittens under assessment might become available at a later stage or if they don't match preferences on the Waiting List.

We also hope to have another litter end of April or early May.

We cannot take deposits for kittens from allergy sufferers who have not tested their allergy with a kitten from one of the litters. We think it is unfair and not right to take money from families who have not checked how they will react. We also will not accept deposits from families who have checked their allergy at another breeders. It is with our kittens only. Nothing is scientifically proven regarding the hypo-allergenic nature of Siberians and we feel it is unfair and really doesn't sit right with Andy or I to build false hope or take money. We have had successes as well as failures homing kittens with allergy sufferers. Please see our FAQ's on the blog for more information.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Kitten Update

All of Marishka's kittens have now been reserved and we hope to have more news on our next arrivals soon. They will be our first litter of 2014 and who will they be from?! Exciting!!

If you have emailed or called Jo recently she will be in touch soon. She has a long term chronic pain condition and is currently having a particularly bad flare up.
Thank you for understanding, Andy

Monday 17 February 2014

Website Issues & Kitten Update

Website Issues
We are having issues with our Alexandrite website and email. We are trying to find out what's going on. Therefore if you have emailed today please email
Thank you!

UPDATE. looks like our website and emails issue has been resolved but if you have any issues please use the email above. Thanks. 

Available Kitten - Update Millie has gone to new home
Due to a change of circumstances we now have available Alexandrite Millie. Millie is a big character full of her mums Marishka's mischief!
She loves to play and is a Brown Spotted Tabby and White. Millie is working on growing into her ears and we think they make her look cute!
Millie will usually be last for supper as she just wants to play and play. Millie will be ready to go to her new home first weekend in March after her second vaccination. I will be contacting the families on the waiting list first but if you would like to express an interest in giving Millie a loving home please email for more details.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

More Show BESTS from our Boys!!

We went to the CatTica TICA Show at the weekend and yet again the boys had a fabulous result with 8 finals each including a number of BESTS!!

The finals were just amazing and Andy made me very proud too with his presentation of the boys and numerous Ring Finals speeches. All three of my boys were true Stars of the show and I'm so proud of them all. Way to go boys!!

This was only Kimball's second show and if my calculations are right he should have achieved the Title Triple Grand Champion. An amazing result for a young boy of only 10 months old. Many of the Judges couldn't believe the build of him and we had such great feedback and comments of how they had to check the catalogue again for his age! 

We've achieved so much over the years with Akiro and it's lovely to see his nephew Kimball doing so well at such a young age. Alexandrite Kimball has been born from years of research and hard work. He has a very premium pedigree and none of this could have been done without the hard work of the breeders who have contributed to his pedigree. A special mention goes to Maria whose beautiful Musrafy girls have shared our home over the years and for helping us find Cimus. It's been a long and sometimes very hard journey but to see our boys final BEST is such an amazing feeling of achievement for both Andy and I. Akiro and Kimball you make us so very proud xx

Sorry for the poor photos but I just wanted to show off my fabulous boys! And their new pen adorned with all their Rosettes! 

Also a Big Thank You to my mum for all her help at the show, another Star! And thank you to the Judges for picking our boys. 

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Reserved Kitten - Brown Tabby & White Girl

We have a gorgeous sweet girl available, she loves to play with the feather stick just like her mum does. Her parents are the beautiful Musrafy Marishka and handsome Champion Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka.

The photos are at 6 and half weeks old and she will be ready to go to her new home beginning of March. Please email for more information.

Reserved Kitten - Brown Tabby & White Boy

We have available a very handsome, promising young boy. Who might be suitable for showing. His parents are beautiful Musrafy Marishka and handsome Champion Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka. He is a cheeky chap and reminds us of Jamie, who is such a character!

The photos were taken at 6 and half weeks. Please email for more information. He will be able to go to his new home beginning of March.
Please do not enquire for breeding as we do not let any kittens go with breeding rights.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Christmas Show News!

It's been awhile since we went to the last TICA show of 2013. It was at Coventry and it was run by the club Spoticat. This was Kimball's first show and at only just turned 9 months. Yes, the super-sized boy next to Akiro is Kimball and only just out of the kitten class!

Everyone who met him at 6 months couldn't believe the size of him and at now just 10 months old he is 6.3kg, so yes a super-sized boy!

Kimball lives with Akiro and Jamie (his half brother) and they are a bunch of super-sized clowns! When a 10 week old kitten runs around our sofa at hi-speed, yes you duck but you when the boys get going its more of a pull yourself into a tight protective ball and hope for the best! Because with Akiro 7kg, Kimball 6.3kg and Jamie 6kg running around like idiots bouncing off things and jumping on top of doors! Yes both Kimball and Jamie still do this. It really is a different experience watching TV!

Back to the show, Akiro had gone a long for company and he yet again made us very proud with 8 finals. Akiro doesn't really need to go anymore as he has enough points for another Regional Win this year. That means he will have achieved his Lifetime Achievement, with an International Win and 2 Regional Wins. Akiro is the FIRST UK bred Siberian to achieve this and yet again it shows what a one in a million Siberian he is.

Kimball got 4 finals and one of those was a 2nd Allbreed final out of a cat count of 50 and he beat some amazing titled cats. This included 5 other Siberians 4 of which were over 2 years old to 3 and half years old and a RW Supreme Title. He was chilled during the show, and I think you can see from the photos he was happy to be there with Akiro.

It was a great show and we want to Thank all the Judges who picked our boys. Both Andy and I thought back to when we went to the same show in 2006 with Mishka and Cimus. It was our second TICA show and both boys did well. Mishka was only 4/5 months old and I remember the judges not believing he was still only a baby and a girl, as he was far too pretty for a boy!

So that was our last show of the year and we are now looking forward to our first show of 2014. Well we've got to go again because I couldn't resist that new colour lilac Sturdi pen. The boys will look fab!

Sunday 5 January 2014

Can I go to a show?!

I took a couple of impromptu photos of Paavo yesterday also fondly known as The Potster!
He isn't one for being the most cooperative when it comes to photos but after a quick brush, he seemed to pose and I quickly took some photos. We think he looks fab and that's an indoor coat! And yes we do have the heating on ;)

Thursday 2 January 2014

Happy New Year from Alexandrite Siberians!

Andy and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we really hope 2014 is a fabulous year!

2013 was a special one for Andy and I as we picked up our second International Win and another Regional Win for IW & RW Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro. Akiro was also the regions BEST ALTER and he achieved a number of firsts for a UK bred Siberian. I will write more about the Regional Show and post photos of his awards soon. It was one of the most proudest moments of our lives when everyone stood up for us to collect our award and Pascal Remy a TICA judge stopped me to say "He was a special boy and really deserved it". It really was a very special evening and we still get that feeling when we see Akiro or look at his awards. Akiro really is one in a million! A very special boy!

This years has seen ups and downs and I think for any breeder who is struggling with their own health will understand breeding and the roller coaster of it can and does take its toll. We have on many occasions this year nearly stopped but for now we are continuing. We want to thank our great friends Maria and Melanie for all their support and to Mim and Simon, who have really been their for us when we needed them. And Erica and Darren who stood up for us during a tough time and the great photos of the girls, especially those birthday ones!

We also want to thank our family too because without them we couldn't do this, we really couldn't. So thanks mum and dad, you help us both so much and cheer me up on the really bad, dark days.

Lastly we want to thank the Alexandrite families who help make this possible too and for all those great update emails and photos. To see one of our little ones having such fun and listening to their stories is why we do this. It's not for the rosettes or awards, yes we enjoy achieving them and are very proud of all our Siberians we show but its really about bringing a little bit joy and hoping that one of our kittens does bring a smile to their owner's face when they need it. That's what it's all about.

A little about the photo, the Siberian kittens are Marishka and Phoenix new babies at 4 weeks. We have from left to right Brown Tabby and White girl (under assessment), Brown Tabby and White girl (pink nose), Brown Tabby and White boy (a monkey like Jamie!) and Brown Tabby and White girl (brown nose). Marishka's kittens will be available to the waiting list and enquiries first. If we then have kittens available we will post to the blog.

We also hope to have some Silver Tabbies in our next litters so please contact us if you want to join the waiting list for a beautiful Alexandrite Silver Tabby Siberian, please see our FAQ too on the blog and email