Wednesday 5 February 2014

More Show BESTS from our Boys!!

We went to the CatTica TICA Show at the weekend and yet again the boys had a fabulous result with 8 finals each including a number of BESTS!!

The finals were just amazing and Andy made me very proud too with his presentation of the boys and numerous Ring Finals speeches. All three of my boys were true Stars of the show and I'm so proud of them all. Way to go boys!!

This was only Kimball's second show and if my calculations are right he should have achieved the Title Triple Grand Champion. An amazing result for a young boy of only 10 months old. Many of the Judges couldn't believe the build of him and we had such great feedback and comments of how they had to check the catalogue again for his age! 

We've achieved so much over the years with Akiro and it's lovely to see his nephew Kimball doing so well at such a young age. Alexandrite Kimball has been born from years of research and hard work. He has a very premium pedigree and none of this could have been done without the hard work of the breeders who have contributed to his pedigree. A special mention goes to Maria whose beautiful Musrafy girls have shared our home over the years and for helping us find Cimus. It's been a long and sometimes very hard journey but to see our boys final BEST is such an amazing feeling of achievement for both Andy and I. Akiro and Kimball you make us so very proud xx

Sorry for the poor photos but I just wanted to show off my fabulous boys! And their new pen adorned with all their Rosettes! 

Also a Big Thank You to my mum for all her help at the show, another Star! And thank you to the Judges for picking our boys. 

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