Tuesday 29 September 2009

Fe's Kittens

Some videos of Fe's furry bunch of cuteness! Fe really likes kissing the camera! Fe's kittens are just 3 weeks old today.

Galina's Kittens

A couple of short videos of Galina's little bunch, they are only just 3 weeks old and were a bit sleepy but you can see how terribly cute they are!

Ariana's Kittens

Another short video of Ariana's bundles of fun! They are at the stage of walking, no I'm running, oh no I've fallen over!

The video is at 3 and half weeks old. Ariana wasn't taking part so we will take another one tomorrow with Ariana on.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Ariana's Babies

A couple of videos of Ariana and her little bundles of cuteness @ 3 weeks old today. Ariana has had some beautiful babies and a variety of colours, we have 1 Silver tabby and White girl (spot the white tip to her tail!), 1 Brown tabby (possible Golden) and White girl (again another tail with a white tip!), 1 Brown tabby girl, 1 Silver tabby and White boy, 1 Brown boy and 1 Blue Silver (maybe Golden) tabby boy. Yes, Ariana decided to add complication to her kitten colours!

As you can see in the videos very cute kittens the girls should be as pretty as mum and the boys as handsome as dad Phoenix. Ariana is a talker too and Phoenix likes to chirp, so they should have plenty to say for themselves. Ariana's babies will be able to go to their new homes early December, if you think you can offer one of these gorgeous babies a forever home please email kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk

We are so very proud of our family of Siberians and the beautiful kittens they have, it is lovely that we can share our home and life with them xx

Fe's Babies

A couple of videos of sweet Fe and her beautiful babies @ 2 weeks of age. Fe has had a first for us with 1 Red Silver boy, 1 Cream Silver boy, 1 Brown and White girl, 2 Brown tabby girls, 1 Brown tabby boy and 1 Silver tabby girl. WOW quite a mixture of colours!

We can't wait to see how the Red and Cream Silver boys grow, they look like peaches and cream at the moment. All the babies are very cute and Fe is doing a wonderful job as a first time mum, you can hear Fe purring in the background and at one point she kisses the camera. How sweet! Phoenix is the proud dad. We are expecting the kittens to have mum and dad's sweet natures.

At the moment the silver girl and brown boy have been adopted. Fe's babies will be able to go to their new homes mid December, please contact us for details at kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk

Galina's Babies

A short video of beautiful Galina and her babies @ 2 weeks old. Galina has 3 brown tabby girls, 1 silver tabby girl, 1 brown tabby boy and 2 silver boys. At the moment I think the 2 silver boys and silver girl are reserved, but don't underestimate how stunning the browns are. They really are cute little bundles of fur!

Galina previous kittens have been gorgeous, so we are expecting these to be just as sweet and they are definitely cute in the video. Galina's babies will be able to go to their new homes early December. The dad to the kittens is our handsome Cimus.

Please contact me at kittens@alexandrite-siberian-kittens.co.uk if you would like more information.

Monday 14 September 2009

Ariana and Phoenix Babies

After a couple of weeks of a roller coaster of emotions we wanted to share some photos of Ariana and Phoenix beautiful Siberian Kittens.

The kittens are opening their eyes so we wanted to get some photos but could only get a couple of the kittens as they were crying for mum and Ariana got very cross with us!

We think they are all very cute and we hopefully will be able to get some more photos this weekend.

Saturday 12 September 2009

Sometimes it is very hard...

Very sad day today in our home, we lost the little tortie girl of Fe's and Phoenix. We thought it might happen as the poor little one had been struggling but we hoped with all our hearts that it wouldn't.

Andy is helping Fe out with bottle feeding because this is her first litter and she had so many babies. But poor little tortie, our Georgina II just wasn't growing and she didn't want the milk from Fe or the bottle. I feel so very sad for Fe.

We have had a very mixed couple of weeks with the arrivals of Ariana's and Galina's and they both came with sadness and then Fe's little ones arrived on our Anniversary only for us to have more sadness today.

So it is times like these when breeding is so very hard, the only comfort we have is that Kahlan will look after our little tortie Georgina II, Galina's and Ariana's little ones and altogether they will play in the stars. Night Night my sweet angels xxx

(I have also at the beginning of the week hurt my shoulder and back, so I apologise if I have been slow in replying to emails as I am limited on how long I can spend on the laptop.)

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Anniversary Present! New Arrivals!

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary and we had a lovely gift from Fe of 8 babies. One for each year married.

The babies arrived during the night, Fe did it all by herself and we are so very proud of her. Well done Fe, you are a star!

Phoenix is the Dad and we are so excited to see his beautiful babies with Fe arrive. We are yet to confirm but on first look it looks like we have had 4 of each, mixture of Reds, Tortie, Silver and Browns, with and without white! Way to go Phoenix and Fe!

So over the next few weeks we are going to be very busy here with our bundles of joy as we also had new arrivals on Sunday from Galina and Cimus. After a difficult first baby, Galina went on to have 7 beautiful Siberian babies. We think we have 5 girls and 2 boys, with a mixture of Silvers and Browns. Well done Galina and Cimus you are Stars!

All we can say is thank goodness that's all the babies for now as I think the girls were competing for the biggest litter, so we have a few more than expected. But no worries plenty of love, cuddles and kisses to go around xxxx

Friday 4 September 2009

New Arrivals & Gemini Babies

We are proud to announce the arrival of our first end of Summer babies. Sweet Ariana gave birth to 6 beautiful Siberian babies on Wednesday. We think we have 4 boys and 2 girls, and a mixture of browns, silvers and possibly a blue silver. We have some gorgeous Classic patterns with and without white. One of the kittens has white blaze on their nose just like their Dad Phoenix and the two girls have white tips to their tails just like their Mum Ariana. I love the white tail tips they look so very cute when they are all fluffy and held high in true Siberian fashion.

Phoenix is the proud Dad again, well done to both Ariana and Phoenix you make us very proud. This makes Anuta and Willow Great Grandmothers! You wouldn't think it the way the two of them charge about playing!

Gemini's babies are at that we can run around like crazy kittens forever and never tire out stage!!! Everything and anything can be used for playing with or playing in. It is a pleasure to watch and much better than TV. We tried to get some photos the other night but after 45mins of the 3 of them just messing about we abandoned it and Andy has some ideas on how we can take some over the weekend!

At the moment Akiro has been adopted but his two gorgeous siblings are looking for their forever homes, both are available as pet. And they will make a wonderful addition to any home. I am going to be very sad when they fly the nest...