Wednesday 23 September 2009

Fe's Babies

A couple of videos of sweet Fe and her beautiful babies @ 2 weeks of age. Fe has had a first for us with 1 Red Silver boy, 1 Cream Silver boy, 1 Brown and White girl, 2 Brown tabby girls, 1 Brown tabby boy and 1 Silver tabby girl. WOW quite a mixture of colours!

We can't wait to see how the Red and Cream Silver boys grow, they look like peaches and cream at the moment. All the babies are very cute and Fe is doing a wonderful job as a first time mum, you can hear Fe purring in the background and at one point she kisses the camera. How sweet! Phoenix is the proud dad. We are expecting the kittens to have mum and dad's sweet natures.

At the moment the silver girl and brown boy have been adopted. Fe's babies will be able to go to their new homes mid December, please contact us for details at


  1. Gorgeous babies again Jo! love the red boys

    D xx

  2. Another gorgeous litter Jo! LOVE the red silver and cream silver boys! A lovely combination. Can't wait to see them as they grow up :-)