Wednesday 23 September 2009

Ariana's Babies

A couple of videos of Ariana and her little bundles of cuteness @ 3 weeks old today. Ariana has had some beautiful babies and a variety of colours, we have 1 Silver tabby and White girl (spot the white tip to her tail!), 1 Brown tabby (possible Golden) and White girl (again another tail with a white tip!), 1 Brown tabby girl, 1 Silver tabby and White boy, 1 Brown boy and 1 Blue Silver (maybe Golden) tabby boy. Yes, Ariana decided to add complication to her kitten colours!

As you can see in the videos very cute kittens the girls should be as pretty as mum and the boys as handsome as dad Phoenix. Ariana is a talker too and Phoenix likes to chirp, so they should have plenty to say for themselves. Ariana's babies will be able to go to their new homes early December, if you think you can offer one of these gorgeous babies a forever home please email

We are so very proud of our family of Siberians and the beautiful kittens they have, it is lovely that we can share our home and life with them xx


  1. Gorgeous babies! love the white tip!

    Denise x

  2. Gorgeous kittens Jo!! Love the white tips on the tails! The silver and white kitty lying on her back in the second video is sooooo cute!