Tuesday 8 September 2009

Anniversary Present! New Arrivals!

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary and we had a lovely gift from Fe of 8 babies. One for each year married.

The babies arrived during the night, Fe did it all by herself and we are so very proud of her. Well done Fe, you are a star!

Phoenix is the Dad and we are so excited to see his beautiful babies with Fe arrive. We are yet to confirm but on first look it looks like we have had 4 of each, mixture of Reds, Tortie, Silver and Browns, with and without white! Way to go Phoenix and Fe!

So over the next few weeks we are going to be very busy here with our bundles of joy as we also had new arrivals on Sunday from Galina and Cimus. After a difficult first baby, Galina went on to have 7 beautiful Siberian babies. We think we have 5 girls and 2 boys, with a mixture of Silvers and Browns. Well done Galina and Cimus you are Stars!

All we can say is thank goodness that's all the babies for now as I think the girls were competing for the biggest litter, so we have a few more than expected. But no worries plenty of love, cuddles and kisses to go around xxxx


  1. Congratulations Jo and Andy on your wedding anniversary! And congrats to Fe on her amazing litter!!!!


  2. Thanks Melanie, yet again our family makes us very proud xxx