Saturday 11 September 2010

Drusilla Kittens First Steps!

A couple of short videos of the baby Potsters!

The first one is their first steps or should I say mastering the stairs! Drusilla is very unhappy now the kittens are exploring outside the kitten room, but she finds them a little toy mouse and then calls them to her, it is very sweet.

Watch out for Astro (White Tip) coming down the stairs it is so cute.

The second video is of Astro and Alexander looking very sleepy...

It is a good job all these boys are now adopted otherwise I would have been so tempted, especially as I love white tips on tails...

Thursday 9 September 2010

Cimus, Hercules & Jupiter

A short video of Cimus and the two kittens Hercules (Mystique's baby boy) and Jupiter (Serafina's baby boy) chilling out on the cat tree.

A couple of weeks ago we had a call that due to personal circumstances changing at the home where Cimus had gone to with Oliver one of our kittens, he would need to be re-homed. So without hesitating Andy and I went to pick him and brought him home again. He has settled right back in and has been a love bug from the moment he arrived. He has now been adopted by Hercules and Jupiter as their "Big Brother" and the video below is a testament to what a super and loving breed the Siberian is. The video was taken by Andy the morning after the 3 boys first met and it is heart warming for us to see.

We would love for Cimus to stay but we think it would be better for him if we can find him another home with one of the kittens. But for now we are just happy he is here.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Drusilla & Paavo Kitten Videos

A couple of short videos of Drusilla's 3 handsome boys at 5 weeks of age. The boys are growing so fast and starting to get more scampy each day!

All 3 boys have now been adopted.

Sorry if the video is a bit jumpy in parts Drusilla kept head butting Andy!!!

First video we have Alexandrite Astro (Silver and White boy, white tip to tail) on the bottom and his two brothers are on the top Alexandrite Alexander (Silver and White boy) is at the front and Alexandrite Artemas (Silver boy) is at the back. Astro wasn't too sure about Andy and the camera, but who can blame him!!

Second video, all 3 boys are on the top with Alexander at the front left, Artemas behind him and Astro is on the right.