Wednesday 1 September 2010

Drusilla & Paavo Kitten Videos

A couple of short videos of Drusilla's 3 handsome boys at 5 weeks of age. The boys are growing so fast and starting to get more scampy each day!

All 3 boys have now been adopted.

Sorry if the video is a bit jumpy in parts Drusilla kept head butting Andy!!!

First video we have Alexandrite Astro (Silver and White boy, white tip to tail) on the bottom and his two brothers are on the top Alexandrite Alexander (Silver and White boy) is at the front and Alexandrite Artemas (Silver boy) is at the back. Astro wasn't too sure about Andy and the camera, but who can blame him!!

Second video, all 3 boys are on the top with Alexander at the front left, Artemas behind him and Astro is on the right.

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