Sunday 24 August 2014

Alexandrite Siberians Update

Yikes! It looks like all of our current available kittens have now been adopted and we only have available one young adult. Both Marishka and Raphael have now been adopted. We still have available Mojo who is very sweet but a bit quiet and might be shy at first but she is looking for a new family to love and share the sofa with. 

Mojo is a gorgeous warm Brown Classic Tabby and has a sweet look when she doesn't have a Mojo frown! 

Her full name is Alexandrite Morganna but is known as Mojo.

Here are some recent photos of her. I think you can see her gorgeous green eyes. 

Mojo is 3 years old and is ready to go to her new home as she has already been spayed. 

Please email for more information or to arrange to visit. 

Please only serious enquiries to see Mojo we don't have any kittens available to view at this time. 

We will have limited availability from week beginning 25th August due to an operation I will be having. So I will be unable to arrange visits or emails for a couple of weeks or so after the operation. Andy will be busy with work and looking after us all so he probably won't have time to help out with emails or blog updates. 

We are hoping for kittens later next month and over the last few weeks we have been making plans for our late summer-autumn kittens. We breed Siberians as a hobby but it takes an awful lot of work and planning, sometimes it seems we are just constantly planning and rearranging home life to make sure we spend as much time with each litter as we can. We are really sorry if anyone missed out on a kitten this time we were hoping we would have kittens available but a couple of kittens went in pairs so all kittens were soon reserved. We love kits going together as it's really nice for them and their new families. If you can't have two kittens it's worth considering an older Siberian and a kitten. 

We've just heard back from Jenks new family who reserved one of Gems kittens and Jenks is now making friends with cuddly Rufus. It was lovely to hear how they were both doing and families who are willing to adopt an older Siberian it really is a lovely introduction to owning a Siberian cat. And you can then add to the family with a kitten after all we all know Siberians are addictive!

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