Saturday 14 February 2009

Alexandrite Zurik aka Dylan

Alexandrite Zurik aka Dylan lives with Irene and Chris and isn't he enjoying himself!

Dylan is a very handsome black smoke just like our Grumpy and he really reminds me of him.

These photos were taken of him in December and February he is just 8 months old and still growing! He is definitely going to be challenging Grumpy for the most handsome Alexandrite Black Smoke boy this year! Watch out Grumpy!!!

Irene has a slight allergy to cats, but has been fine with Dylan. He is well and truly spoilt and loved in his new home, and again thank you to Irene and Chris for loving him so much. You can see that in the photo of him doing what Siberians do best and cuddling!

Seeing Dylan so happy and loved and so very handsome makes us so proud of our family.

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