Sunday 27 June 2010

Kitten Update

All of Boo Boo's little ones have now gone off to their new homes, so the house is quiet without them. It always feels empty when they go even with the rest of our family to look after, there is always an emptiness to the house when the little scamps go off to their new homes. We get used to the daily dose of mischief, which we always miss. So we wait now for the next little ones to start adding their daily dose of the meantime Akiro will always try to fill the gap!

We seem to have had no time recently, so sorry if you have emailed me and I haven't got back to you, I will try to answer emails this week. We do have kittens and I will be updating the blog in the next few weeks with news of how they are doing and of course some photos. We have the following little ones:

Mystique (nearly 5 weeks old)
  • Silver Spotted Tabby and White boy
  • Black Smoke and White boy
Serafina (2 weeks old)
  • Silver Tabby boy
Ariana (10 days old)
  • Blue Tabby boy
  • Silver Tabby girl
  • Brown Tabby girl
  • Blue Tabby girl
  • Golden Classic girl
I will announce on the blog which kittens are available in the next few weeks.

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