Tuesday 20 August 2013

Show Success! IW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro & Alexandrite Kingslayer!

Andy and I were at the TICA Brigg Show at the weekend with Akiro and Jamie and they both made us very proud.

The boys enjoyed it and were very laid back. The middle photo is of Akiro in his pushchair waiting to go home on Sunday. He was worn out!

Akiro achieved 8 Finals including a BEST, 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 4th and 5th Allbreed Alter Finals and a 4th and 5th Longhair Final. Way to go Akiro!!

Little Jamie was a star with a 2nd Longhair Final and a 10th Allbreed Final and 5 Best of Breeds!

This is a fantastic result again for him as his grandmother is a certified Siberian straight from Russia mixed with two fantastic pedigrees from his Dad Paavo, International and Regional Winner SGC and Grandfather Buslay, Regional Winner and SGC. Jamie had some wonderful comments about his coat and what a very promising boy he was.

Both boys purred all weekend and Jamie loved showing off to the Judges by climbing up the cat tree!

A Big Thank you again to all the Judges who picked them both.

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