Thursday 22 November 2012

Little Jomo 200% of Cute!!

The very cute photos are of Little Jomo (named by Aunty Mim). Her mum and dad are Mojo and Paavo. She is the only one in the litter and so fat but extra cute. I thought everyone would love to see how gorgeous she is and how proud Mojo is of her.

Little one has been sharing the sofa with me this week and is so like her dad already as she is either sleeping or eating!!

For the time being Little Jomo is under assessment.


  1. Little Jomo is one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen - and I've seen a fare few over the years. Not surprising really when you look at her parentage. What a super baby x x

  2. Little Jomo says "Thank you Aunty Mim, and can't wait to see you again!" xx

  3. Gorgeous Jo! Unbelievably cute xx

  4. Talking of one spoilt little girl, lol! How very lucky and special she is, I bet she will grow to be particularly loving.


  5. Thank you all, she is very sweet and such a character already! x