Sunday 31 October 2010

Anyanka's Kittens

Andy took some videos of Anyanka's little ones yesterday. They are whizzing around now and growing too fast! I am still thinking of names for the little ones, at the moment they are all just little scamps!

I have uploaded all of the videos to Anyanka's Kittens Album on flickr, but here is one of the kittens playing. The Silver and White girl was still fast asleep in the kitten box so we are missing her from the video. (Anyanka Kittens Playing Video)

There are also some videos of each of the boys being held and they look so relaxed, Anyanka is such a sweetheart and she passes this on to her kittens. The boys remind me of how daft their Uncle Grumpy was at this age!

Blue Smoke and White Boy - video one and video two
Blue Tabby and White Boy - video one
Silver Tabby and White Boy - video one

(The videos were taken @ 4 and half weeks of age)

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