Friday 20 January 2017

Sisters Lollie and Akira Siberian Kittens

UPDATE 7th February both Lollie and Akira are settling in their new home together. We miss them both, but it looks like they are having lots of fun already. We will be updating the blog soon with news and availability of Mariko and Little Grumps kittens. 

ALLERGIES. At the moment due to my own health problems we cannot offer allergy checks/visits. Please no further allergy enquiries. We also don't feel it would be fair on Lollie and Akira to settle in a new home to then have to leave that home due to allergies or asthma. 

We have available 2 beautiful sisters Lollie and Akira. Both girls need to go together and to an INDOOR home only. Lollie is a gorgeous Seal Tabby Lynx Point and Akira is a Seal Tabby Lynx Point with White. Both are very playful and loving and want to be with you. They follow us around the house, especially Andy as he sorts out supper. Akira is a little less confident but Lollie makes up for this. 

The parents are Lorelei, who has already had some beautiful kittens and first time dad Lewis, younger brother to Lifetime Achievement Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro. 

IMPORTANT. Lollie has a small disability where she holds her head on one side. This happened at a young age and we've discussed it with the vet and he checked her thoroughly giving her a clean bill of health. She plays and runs around just like her sister but some tasks take a bit longer to master, initially the stairs and cat tree. She has now mastered these and we feel her sister has helped her as she watches her. Similar to Lollie helping Akira be more confident. 

Both girls will ready to go to their new home beginning of February, after vaccinations and micro-chipping. Due to Lollie's situation we are offering a discount for both kittens, please email or call 01270569358 for details, please no calls after 9pm. 

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