Monday 22 July 2013

Show Success!!! Alexandrite Kingslayer & IW SGCA Alexandrite Akiro!

Yesterday we went to the Doncaster TICA Show with Jamie and Akiro and the boys made us so very proud.

It was Jamie's first show and he was awesome!! He was so excited with the atmosphere and seeing all the different cat breeds. He is used to Fudge a Birman and Nog and Pepper, American Curls so he is used to strange!

He loved it!! And the Judges loved him!
They commented on his fantastic coat texture and barrel shape, heft and everything round!!

They said his coat texture and build was amazing for such a young Siberian Kitten at only 5 months.

Jamie got 4 Finals in total. His first Final as a kitten with Kurt Vlach was just brilliant as he placed him BEST ALLBREED KITTEN!!

We were blown away. We love him to bits but this just made our day!

I said to Jamie "WOW!! Your first final Little Jamster and it's a BEST Kitten you can't get better than that!"

I love the way he chatted to Kurt and thanked him for his BEST FINAL!

He then got a 2nd Longhair, 4th Allbreed and 10th Allbreed. We are all so proud of him. Big thank you to the Judges who picked him and their fantastic comments.

I have a couple of videos which I hope to post in the week as they show what a great time Jamie had and his wonderful character.

Akiro also made us very proud with a BEST LONGHAIR ALTER Final from Sue Hart-Jones and 4th Allbreed Alter Final. Thanks go again to the Judges. I think the photo shows how warm he felt! But he was still a star!

Well done to our boys!!

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  1. Well done guys! Brilliant result! Both very handsome boys so I'm not surprised they did so well. Xx