Monday 2 November 2009

Clash of the Red Silver Titans!

Andy took this video tonight of Alexandrite Jackson, Red/Cream Silver Shaded and Alexandrite Georgii, who now has developed a classic pattern is Red Silver Classic, fighting in the kitten room. Georgii is the slightly darker boy but in the flesh neither of the boys are this red, the camera makes them looker redder than they really are.

It is a great bit of play fighting and could be taken straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster! Georgii thinks he has won by pinning Jackson down and then Jackson runs around the room all arched back as if to say "That didn't hurt! I was letting you win!"

Jackson is still looking for his forever home, so if you think you can tame this little Titan please contact me

Another one of Jackson...look at those moves it takes some practice to be this out for Leora happily playing while Jackson flies in and then Kyle coming in for rugby tackle!

One of Georgii and his little sister Cookie, who really didn't want a big bear hug off her brother! I think you also see Kyle fall of the cat tree too! I am sure he meant to do that...

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