Sunday 27 January 2013

Mum to be Marishka & Nog!

I wanted to share this photo of beautiful Marishka and her friend Nog.

Marishka is due to be a first time mum to Paavo in February and we are so excited. Marishka is such a sweetie and very acrobatic. Her nickname is the "Flying Squirrel" due to her jumping onto the top of doors!!
Something which she still likes to do even with babies on board. I nearly have a heart attack when she does. I am hoping the kits might not be as naughty as their dad is a lot more laid back!

However they turn out I am sure they will be as stunning as their parents. Thank you to Maria for letting Marishka join our home and adding some diversity to our breeding programme.

Sorry about the mess I think the sofa had been used as a race track prior to this photo being taken!

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