Saturday 23 May 2009

Show News

Well we have been very busy here, with the family, kittens and still in a mess waiting on the new kitchen to be finished!

Somewhere in between all of the above, we managed to squeeze in a one day at the TICA show held by the UK TICA Alliance location Milton Keynes. We took Paavo along for his first day out and it was also an excuse for us to try out our new Sturdi Pen - Habitat which we got when we went to Frankfurt. They are a bit bigger than the standard Sturdi pen here, but I thought it would be better for the boys to have more space.

Paavo showed like a dream again, and he finalled in 4 rings gaining
  • a Best Long Hair Cat - Irene van Belzen
  • 3rd Best Long Hair Cat - Arline Noel Garel
  • 4th Best Long Hair Cat - Vlada Beniya
  • & 7th Best Long Hair Cat - Bridgitte Berthelon
Way to go Paavo, we are very proud of him. When he was judged and won Best cat the Judge couldn't believe how relaxed he was, this is what happened
  • Andy placed Paavo in his pen for Judging
  • Paavo went to sleep
  • Bridgitte woke Paavo up and carried him to the judging table
  • Paavo was placed on the judging table
  • Paavo went to sleep
  • Bridgitte checked Paavo's profile (still sleeping!)
  • Bridgitte stood Paavo up to check confirmation, stance and build
  • Paavo lay back down and went to sleep
  • Bridgitte picked up Paavo and placed him back in his pen
  • Paavo went to sleep!
Are we seeing a pattern! This was the same for when he received his Best Cat too!

Now and again there was some activity especially when he surprised one of the Judges by going from asleep to running up the scratchy post, she said "I wasn't prepared for that!"
, it was very funny.

Paavo loved his new Sturdi Pen well he slept well in it!

We also saw Melanie there with Snowgum Titan, and Darren and Erica were there with Snowgum Maisie, they are Cimus's little ones so it is lovely to see how they have grown. Both Titan and Maisie did really well, Titan was in 9 Finals and Maisie was in 7 Finals over the two days. Well done to Titan and Maisie x

While we were in Milton Keynes, Susie and Mark were showing Kosi (seal point Birman) and Illyana at a GCCF show in Godmanchester. They both did brilliantly, Kosi got his Imperial and Best Show Neuter and Illyana achieved her Merit and 2 Firsts and a Third in her side classes. Well done to Kosi and Illyana x

So it was a brilliant weekend for us all xxx

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