Thursday 17 December 2009

Show News - Here come the boys!!!

I have been feeling pretty poorly lately so it was at one point an unknown whether we would go to the Spoticat TICA show last Saturday in Coventry but we did in the end and even though it was a really long day for us all we are very happy we did. We took Paavo, Phoenix and baby Akiro and this is how well they did:

Alexandrite Akiro
  • 6th Best Allbreed Kitten Final (65 kitten count) - Toni Jones
  • 7th Best Longhair Kitten Final (27 longhair kitten count) - Vlada Benynia
  • 3rd Best Kitten Final - Vicki-Jo Harrison (Training ring)
  • 6 out of 7 Best of Breeds - 3 Siberian Kittens shown including Akiro
We were so pleased for Akiro he is a sweet boy and after going through a lanky stage, he is really filling out now and still growing like a weed! He is 5 months old and 4.2kg now! No wonder my foot hurt the other week when he decided to jump down from my arms and drop on it!

IW SGC Cooncreole Paavo
  • 2nd Best Allbreed Cat Final (75 cat count) - Monika Dany
  • 9th Best Allbreed Cat Final (77 cat count) - Lynn Judge
  • 3rd Best Longhair Cat Final (34 longhair count) - Vlada Benynia
  • 3 out of 6 Best of Breeds - 5 Siberian Cats shown including Paavo and Phoenix
Paavo was a star again and he had so much fun on the scratchy posts, but what a chunk to carry around, thank goodness Andy was there!

Alexandrite Phoenix Mishka
  • 3 out of 6 3rd Best of Breeds
No finals for handsome Phoenix but he behaved like a true gentlemen and looked after his baby boy Akiro all day.

Unfortunately we couldn't make the Regional Awards show dinner to collect Paavo's awards but our friend Maria very kindly picked his Regional Award and International Award up for us. Very excited to see what he got :-) Big thanks to Maria for collecting them for us.

At the Naturally TICA Show held in Elsecar in November Paavo got a Best Cat Final (49 cat count) in Robin Sessler's Ring and 2 Best of Breeds. Well done Paavo! Baby Akiro got 2 Best of Breeds.

The boys make us very proud and we are just so happy that they want to go to the shows. Well done boys!

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